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R2P report ‘Crossing the line of contact’ for July 2019


Today we present the report ‘Crossing the line of contact’ for July 2019. It is based on data collected during 45 visits to the five entry-exit checkpoints (EECPs) in February 2019. More statistical data can be found on the Eastern Ukraine Checkpoint Monitoring Online Dashboard. · Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) reported about the increase in the number of people seeking medical assistance at Marinka EECP.

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Untaugliches Gesetz für den Donbass


Für den Osten der Ukraine gilt zwar eine Waffenruhe, doch noch immer gibt es fast täglich Verletzte und Tote. Das Parlament in Kiew hat nun ein Gesetz verabschiedet, das für das Gebiet schwerwiegende Folgen haben dürfte. Denn es verhängt faktisch das Kriegsrecht über die Oblaste Donzek und Lugansk.

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Ucrania, la guerra olvidada de Europa


Ocurrió hace unos días en el Foro Mundial de Davos, donde una de las atracciones fue un robot llamado Sofía. Según cuenta la diputada de Kiev Alona Shkrum, alguien invitó al androide al ‘stand’ ucraniano y ahí le preguntaron qué se podía hacer para acabar con la corrupción en esta ex república soviética. El software del robot colapsó y se quedó ‘colgado’.

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Against All Odds, Ukraine’s Refugees Rebuild


The unfinished concrete block house outside Kyiv is home to twenty-three refugees who were evacuated from the war in Ukraine. They share one bathroom, one kitchen, one television, and sleep on bunkbeds on its second floor. Furnishings are makeshift, the house is dark, appliances are donated, and the stairs are rickety. Most are elderly, two bedridden, and one is blind.

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Thousands in eastern Ukraine lose access to pensions


Retired and elderly people in the non-government-controlled Donbas region have lost their pensions as a result of registration requirements. Every two months, Mykola Ivanovych* sets out to cross the Siverskiy Donets River, relying on others to help him cross a damaged bridge in his wheelchair and collect his government pension.

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The Painful Journeys of Ukraine’s IDPs


Galina Dzhikayeva, an internally displaced person, from Simferopol, Ukraine, performs at her theater in Kyiv. In her most controversial play, “Militiaman,” she plays a pro-Russian man from Donetsk who captured, tortured, and killed Ukrainian soldiers.

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High-level delegation visits Strasbourg for intensive discussions on internal displacement in Ukraine


Following the establishment of the new Ministry of Ukraine on Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons, the Project “Strengthening the Human Rights Protection of Internally Displaced Persons” organized a High-Level Visit in Strasbourg on internal displacement in Ukraine.

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Ukraine Remembers the Crimean Tatar Genocide


In 1944, following the liberation of the Crimean Peninsula by the Soviet Army, nearly 200,000 Crimean Tatars, a Turkic ethnic minority, were unjustly accused of aiding and abetting the Nazi regime and ordered by Joseph Stalin to be forcibly expelled from their homeland to remote areas of the Soviet Union

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Mark Hetfield: Internally displaced Ukrainians suffer from vestiges of communism


Lenin zhil, Lenin zhiv, Lenin budet zhit. Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin shall always live. I first heard this slogan while studying at the Pushkin Institute of the Russian language in Moscow in the 1980s. At the time, I thought it was amusing. But for Ukraine and especially for its internally displaced persons (IDPs), the phrase is not funny.

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SSU together with Ministry of Social Policy raided on IDPs


The organizations providing aid and support to internally displaced persons began to receive disturbing messages at the second half of Friday, February 19. The information from different regions of Ukraine, that regional Departments of Social Protection Ministry of Social Policy of the population had spreaded on …

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