Потребуєте допомоги?Зв’яжіться з нами

In Barvinkove Kharkiv Oblast Children opened sports section sambo and judo. Local kids and guys who moved to the city because of military operations in the East, can now play sports and spend leisure time together.

The first session began with the traditional sports of any workout, during which the coaches told the children about the philosophical foundations of sambo and judo: mutual, simultaneous development of body and spirit and the principle of “succumb to defeat.” Young athletes have learned that sambo and judo – is not just arts and education system and the formation of moral and volitional qualities to counter the enemy without weapons.

“Everyone knows that exercise – a mandatory part of every child. But some school physical education classes is not enough, so we decided to open the sports section, aimed at comprehensive training – shared love Butenko, head of the regional office of the “Advocacy and Legal Assistance of internally displaced persons in Ukraine” in Kharkiv region. – Sport Sambo and Judo enable not only train the muscles, but also temper the character, stamina and endurance. Visiting this sports section, boys learn to protect themselves and gain experience decent behavior, based on the values ​​of sports “.

The opening section was initiated by community activists internally displaced persons living in the village, and supported the project “Advocacy and Legal Assistance of internally displaced persons in Ukraine”, implemented by the Danish Council for Refugees in partnership with ACF “right to defense” and with the support of the Agency UN refugee agency and the local community.

“Classes used sambo and judo allow children to strengthen their health, find additional motivation for new achievements and will be a platform for communication with peers” – said the trainer on sambo, Victor crybaby, who also had to leave his home and move to Barvinkove.

The first lesson the boys met, studied and worked a few basic techniques. According to the children, they are serious to continue teaching, coaches and promised to do everything possible to become a sports section for boys second family.

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