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On 24 September 2016 Vienna hosted a summit to solve the migration crisis with the leaders of ten European countries. Daryna Tolkach (CF “Right to Protection”) summarizes the results of the summit, which was held on September 24, as the world will solve the problem of refugees and whether illegal migration path lie Ukraine.

In the studio working journalists “Hromadske Radio” and Eugene Edward Lozoviy Pavlyukovskyy.

Edward Lozoviy: Let’s cast an impartial view, the fact that yesterday was heard in Vienna: the application of the Austrian Chancellor’s external borders to be close EU statement Merkel, you need to quickly and efficiently send all the refugees who have not confirmed their Refugee status statement Donald Tusk that the “Balkan Route” is closed. This is what always afraid to Ukraine if this path will be closed, it will run through Ukraine.

Daryna Tolkach: Unfortunately, these legends are very inflamed. Currently, the world faced enormous problems associated with migration. Today there are over 65 million displaced persons. Among them are asylum seekers, refugees and asylum international protection and internally displaced persons. And this figure Ukraine has made their efforts, and the addition of our internal crisis of displaced persons.

Prospects for Ukraine to become two of Turkey and for some conditions to take in unlimited amounts refugees from Syria or other countries, or prolyahannya migration towards Ukraine is quite ephemeral. As part of its obligations under the Association with the EU and visa-free regime was paragraph 5, which was provided to improve the system of providing international protection by creating reception centers, detention alternatives to migration, improving the asylum system, providing social integration programs for refugees. With this package was executed at least. There were made some formal requirements for legislative changes.

In Ukraine there are only two centers accommodate refugees seeking asylum. They are in Mukachevo and Odessa. Capacity – no more than 320 beds. Against the background of the total number of asylum seekers coming to Ukraine, they are absolutely not adapted, without regard society, these 320 seats – the minimum amount. It was a question of opening another center within the agreements with the EU and partly at the expense of EU Yagotin.

Edward Lozoviy: Turkey is so arranged for the reception of refugees? And Ukraine can, alternatively, invite a refugee and then bargain with Europe – rather get everything you want?

Daryna Tolkach: International law related to the provision of international asylum tied to the basic human right to life, health and a decent life. I am convinced that Ukraine – not the best place for refugees and migrants. And because of legal obstacles regarding access to protection, the general mood of society, lack of integration programs for these people, Ukraine has always been a transit country for asylum and international protection. People who come to Ukraine and linking future with her quite a bit. Today in Ukraine there are 6,000 asylum seekers 2500 – recognized refugees.

Eugene Pavlyukovskyy: Turkey EU should allocate 6 billion euros for the maintenance of the refugees who are in this country. In the latest statement, Erdogan said that the country received a total of 525 million. Is the EU capable financially and administratively to cope with this problem at a decent level?

Daryna Tolkach: First, 19 September adopted the New York Declaration on the protection of refugees. If you start from it, that is in Vienna introduces the cognitive dissonance: the country subscribes to the declaration reinforcing responsibilities, the burden on the countries receiving large number of refugees. Secondly, there are still issues concerning the status of the most vulnerable groups. What is being discussed in Vienna, proves that this Declaration – purely declarative. The rhetoric used by leaders at the summit, shows that Europe is more prepared to protect themselves than to protect the basic principles of international law which recognized for ourselves and the world.

Edward Lozoviy: Why the Ukrainian government is not the idea to make money on refugees, even despite the fact that there is no infrastructure?

Daryna Tolkach: no infrastructure. A question of internal conflict and internal migration crisis. We see our government solves the problem of internal migration and the protection of IDPs. This indicates that we are not able to cope with a large number of persons in need of specific assistance. If we can not resolve the more than two years the issue of the rights of IDPs, there are serious doubts as to the settlement of refugees and their protection.

Edward Lozoviy: Angela Merkel said that the well would be better to send back those who do not meet the requirements that apply to the person who takes care of refugee status. Hungarian Prime Minister proposes to make the Libyan coast big city refugees concentrate them there and consider their ideas about status. How do you like this idea?

Daryna Tolkach: More than a year as the European Court made a decision on what Hungary is not a safe country for asylum seekers. The political decisions taken within the country often question the principles of international law.

The practice of creating refugee camps exist in the world where conflicts arise – a quick humanitarian path that solved the issue of asylum seekers or refugees who are leaving en masse for some countries. This is a necessary measure. In most cases, it is the result of an existing structure: the people go, and settled around them create these conditions for life.

But as such a shifting of responsibility for one country, I have a question, why 19veresnya adopted a declaration a few days to discuss the creation of concentration camps?

Eugene Pavlyukovskyy: How politics transit of refugees to countries from which they came is effective. For those who return can again collect the required amount of money to get back the EU’s borders in the hope that this time more luck.

Daryna Tolkach: Yes. And deportation are fairly expensive process for each state. But according to international law, conventions governing the granting of international protection if the state, considering the case, it finds no evidence prosecution of the person, it can refuse, and face respectively located in the state illegally.

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