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In accordance with Government Resolution number 505, persons who moved from the Crimea and parts of the antiterrorist operation, paid a monthly targeted assistance to pay for housing and communal services.

Financial aid:

granted to citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who have been registered (to get help) as the person who moved to the Office of Labor and Social Protection of Population (hereinafter – UTSZN)
paid from the date of 6 months or until the deregistration as a VPO one of the members of the family (the maximum amount of 2400 UAH. per family);

In case of change representative of the family receives assistance for a family allowance is paid by another representative of his treatment.

not taken into account for the calculation of social assistance and other taxes on personal income.

The assistance:

pensioners, children under 18 years – 884 UAH. per person;
able-bodied persons – 18 years before reaching the retirement age – 442 UAH. per person.

If you are a person of working age are unemployed and for 2 months following the appointment of benefits payments over the next two months will be reduced by 50% (ie to 442 UAH.) But two months later – stop.

How to get a grant?

Family members who will receive assistance in the family should contact the branch of Sberbank of the actual place of residence and submit: application;
Ukrainian passport (in case of absence – another identity document);
help individuals move (all family members);
the written consent of all members of the family to receive benefits by the applicant, to the processing of personal data (for children such statements should write the parents) and the disclosure of bank secrecy on the current account;
a copy of the marriage certificate and the birth of children (if any);

The statement must specify (for all household members applying for assistance):

surname, name and patronymic;
day, month and year of birth;
series, number of the passport of citizen of Ukraine, who and when issued (for foreigners – series and number of the passport document and residence permit);
registered and the actual place of residence;

the presence of family members in possession of the dwelling in regions other than the Crimea and the area of ​​the ATO; vehicles (hereinafter – TS) to be counted in the traffic police (with the term of operation from the date of issue);

(when available) information about open deposits amounting to more than 12 180 UAH;
place of employment of persons of working age and the time at which they are working there.

You do not have the right to demand:

any other documents and information that are not specified in the Decision number 505;
“Notes” in UTSZN.

Oschadbank opens an account and no later than 3 days, submit an application in UPZSN that within 10 days after filing shall designate aid or writing denies its purpose.

The assistance may be refused if any of the family members:

owned housing in the regions of different areas of the Crimea and the ATO;
a deposit of 12 180 UAH.;
has two or more of the vehicle shall be registered in the traffic police.


TC received or acquired on favorable terms across the state (for example, issued by the disabled)
domestic TC older than 10 years; other TC over 15 years.

Exceptions – persons of working age who:

care for children until they reach the age of three;
caring for children in need of care for the time specified in the medical report of the medical advisory committee, but not longer than until they reach the age of six;
They have three or more children under 16 years of age and care for them;
care for the disabled group I or disabled children under the age of 18 or disabled group I or II due to a mental disorder, or persons who have reached 80 years of age;
provide social services. With the appointment of benefits you are required to inform the UPZSN 3 days of change of circumstances (including the fact of employment) affecting the appointment of assistance.

Pay attention:

UTSZN officials may verify the validity and reliability of the issuance of documents;
overpaid aid (as a result of submission of false documents) back at the request of UPZSN.

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