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Charitable Foundation “The Right to Protection” in partnership with HIAS conducts regular thematic monitoring

The Project «Advocacy, Protection and Legal Assistance to the Internally Displaced Population of Ukraine» is launched by CF «Right to Protection» with support of United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR).

The Project is aimed to monitor violations of rights’ and provide direct legal support to internally displaced population alongside with other groups affected by the conflict. The Project enhances the state authorities and civil sector potential and strengthens the legal and regulatory framework.

Project teams operate out of offices across the country located in Kharkiv, Severodonetsk, Slovyansk, Mariupol, Dnipro, Zaporizhzha and Kyiv, with a program management office in Slovyansk.

The project is delivering legal assistance and other protection services to displaced people within Ukraine.

Project teams undertake community protection monitoring and outreach in sixteen regions, in order to understand the protection situation and needs of displaced people, and to facilitate and support their access to services and programs to assist them in meeting their needs.

The advocacy, communications and information component of the project contribute to legislative and policy responses to the needs of displaced people and other affected populations within Ukraine, and support information provision to affected individuals and communities.

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