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I am registered in Donetsk. Now I need to paste the photo into my passport. How can I do this and how long does it take?

In accordance with the Order of 15.06.2017, the State Migration Service (DMC), for the purpose of pasting the photo, began to require from persons whose passports were issued in temporarily occupied territories any previously issued documents (originals or copies), including photographs. These documents are required by the units of the LCA to verify the information about the person and the documents issued in his name. And only after such a check and in the case of a positive response, the person gets the opportunity to glued a photo. According to the order, the verification may take up to 2 months.
In most eastern regions, in the case of providing a person with a passport and a photograph of a number of additional documents (or copies thereof), the photo is pasting one business day.
In the case of failure to provide additional documents, the period of gluing is much longer, because it depends on the speed of response by all instances, to which units of the LCA apply for requests for verification of personal data.
If you refuse to accept documents or there are any other difficulties, you can contact us by +38 (098) 597 64 72; +38 (099) 507 50 90; +38 (063) 496 80 88

My brother, a citizen of Ukraine, lives in the Crimea. There he was born children who received the Russian birth certificate. As a brother to transport children from the occupied territory to Ukraine?

A statement on establishing the fact of the birth of a person in the temporarily occupied territory may be submitted by parents, relatives, and other lawful representatives of the child to any court outside of the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, regardless of the applicant’s residence.

My family was offered to live in a house that is in a garden company and does not have a physical address. There are houses on the plots, but they are decorated as a land for planting. How do we draw up an HSP certificate? After all, according to the law, we are obliged to specify a new place of residence within 10 days. We were offered to pay only utilities, and for my family this is a very favorable offer. But how to be in our case? Is there a house and no address? Thank you in advance!.

In accordance with the Procedure for issuing and issuing a certificate on the registration of an internally displaced person, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 509 dated 01.09.2014, as the actual place of residence / stay, the addresses (places) of state authorities, local self-government, legal entities of the public rights, their units, any other premises on which internally displaced persons do not actually reside.
There is currently a negative practice of issuing a certificate of HBO to residents of garden societies.

I want to ask about retirees and pensions. My dad decided to move. I've always lived in Luhansk. What is the order of action? Thanks in advance!

To receive pensions for a new place of residence you must:
1. Apply for a certificate from an internally displaced person.
When submitting an application for registration, the applicant provides a passport of a citizen of Ukraine with a note on registration of the place of residence (residence permit) in an uncontrolled territory. On the day of application submission, a certificate is issued free of charge, printed on a sheet of A4 format, signed by an official of the authorized body and sealed with such a body.
The procedure for issuing and issuing a certificate of registration of a person who moves from a temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine or an area of ​​an anti-terrorist operation is approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 1, 2014, No. 509.
2. Upon receipt of the certificate, you must personally apply to the Pension Fund of Ukraine in the territory (in the district, city, district in the city), where the pensioner is registered as an HFO and to provide the following documents:
– application for a pension claim (in case of registration of the immigrant at the new address);
– a copy and the original of the certificate of registration of the internally displaced person;
– copies and original documents certifying the identity of the pensioner, passport;
– pension certificate;
– a copy and original of the certificate of identification number (if available);
– application for transfer of pension to an account in JSC “Oschadbank”.
3. Expect the HPE residence check.
Payment of HIP pensions is carried out only through the accounts and the network of branches of JSC “Oschadbank”. At the same time, from September 16, 2017, HPE-pensioners were given the opportunity to receive cash and carry out cashless transactions through a network of branches and ATMs of any other Ukrainian banks in the territory where the state authorities exercise their powers.

During the fighting in our village, I and my daughter got under fire. My child died, and I got a disability. Please, can you get any compensation? If so, what does it take and how long does this procedure take? Yes, in general, is there successful litigation practice?

At present, the algorithm for out-of-court resolution does not exist for compensation in the result of a counter-terrorist operation. That is, the state has not adopted the relevant law, as stipulated by Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine “On the fight against terrorism”, on the basis of which compensation is paid for the damage inflicted on the health of individuals, as well as compensation for non-pecuniary damage to relatives of victims of terrorist acts.
The only way to obtain compensation is to apply to the court. However, it is necessary to have patience as consideration of the case can continue both at the national level and at the level of the European Court of Human Rights, since there is still no established practice in dealing with such issues in Ukrainian courts.
It is desirable to have a copy of the passport and registration number of the tax payer’s account (tax code) to appeal to the court; a copy of the certificate of the HPE (if any), medical documents (a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the medical certificate of death, a copy of the certificate from the hospital); a copy of the extract from the State Register of Civil Status Acts.
In the event that the law enforcement agencies did not record the fact of injury / death, it is necessary to apply to them on their own application and obtain an extract from the Uniform Register of Pre-trial Investigations. If there are witnesses who can confirm the emotional state of the event and after, it will not be over.
This list is not exhaustive and can be adjusted depending on the particular case.
Refer to the Right to Protect and our lawyers will help you gather the necessary evidence and protect the rights of the perpetrators in the courts.

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