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Internally displaced persons

We monitor the violation of the rights of migrants, provide them with direct legal assistance, as well as other groups of people who suffered as a result of the conflict. We are working to strengthen the capacity of state bodies and the civil sector, and to strengthen the legislative and regulatory framework.


Persons without citizenship

We help stateless persons and persons at risk of statelessness in the processing of documents. After all, very often these people do not have documents at all that makes them and their children extremely vulnerable. They do not have access to basic human rights: education, health care, etc.



We cooperate with refugee communities in Ukraine, train public advisers and support the newly arrived refugees in Ukraine. Our goal is to help people who are forced to leave their homes faster to integrate into Ukrainian society and become equal members of it. In addition, we work with government agencies to increase their potential.



The Right to Protection‘s activity is aimed at providing protection and human rights of Ukraine’s most vulnerable populations – refugees, the internally displaced, the stateless, the undocumented.


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