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The Right to Protection‘s activity is aimed at providing protection and human rights of Ukraine’s most vulnerable populations – refugees, the internally displaced, the stateless, the undocumented.

Government and Civil Society Capacity Building

Right to Protection aims to improve the capacity of civil society to promote reform in migration, asylum, statelessness and internal displacement and to facilitate policy dialogue between the public authorities and civil society. We seek to strengthen CSO coalitions and to enhance their capacity to engage with relevant authorities at all levels and to advocate for the reform of national legislation, policies, and…

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Right to protection in partnership with HIAS undertakes regular thematic monitoring missions, the purpose of which are tracking key issues and trends in the fields of migration, asylum, statelessness and internal displacement, increasing human rights protection, as well as facilitating dialogue between civil society and governmental authorities.   Monitoring tools include: – observation, interviewing, focus groups, content and discourse analysis, participatory assessment, etc.; – analysis…

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Direct Legal Assistance

Right to Protection in partnership with HIAS team, consisting of experienced professionals (attorneys and lawyers, practicing in the fields of Human Rights Law, Asylum Law and Migration Law since 2001). We provide wide range of free legal assistance in the national migration and border guard authorities, courts and European Court on Human Rights for foreigners and stateless persons found eligible for UNHCR mandate, including: …

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Right to protection’s advocacy activities are aimed at decision-makers at local, national and international levels. Our legal analysts and advocacy experts propose new legislative and policy initiatives while exploring opportunities to improve current legislation and policy on internally displaced population, persons in need of international protection, stateless persons / persons at risk of statelessness, and other vulnerable groups. Our activities include drafting laws,…

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