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Aimed at decision-makers at local, national and international levels.

Right to protection’s advocacy activities are aimed at decision-makers at local, national and international levels.

Our legal analysts and advocacy experts propose new legislative and policy initiatives while exploring opportunities to improve current legislation and policy on internally displaced population, persons in need of international protection, stateless persons / persons at risk of statelessness, and other vulnerable groups.

Our activities include drafting laws, legislation and regulations that offer greater protection of human rights.

We also engage in strategic litigation, undertake advocacy campaigns and train judges, employees of the State migration service of Ukraine, lawyers who provide free legal aid, and officers of the National Police of Ukraine.

Our goals include drafting a national strategy on internal displacement and providing systematic implementation support to central and local authorities on new policy and legislation concerning IDPs and the conflict affected population.

Right to protection aims to increase political dialogue between government representatives and the public regarding ​​migration and asylum, protection of non-citizens, and border monitoring; promote the reform of national legislation, policies and administrative procedures, aligning them closer with European standards, and; promote awareness of and boost public participation in the implementation of legal standards, strategies and policies on migration and asylum.

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