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Right to protection in partnership with HIAS undertakes regular thematic monitoring missions

Right to protection in partnership with HIAS undertakes regular thematic monitoring missions, the purpose of which are tracking key issues and trends in the fields of migration, asylum, statelessness and internal displacement, increasing human rights protection, as well as facilitating dialogue between civil society and governmental authorities.

Monitoring tools include:

  • observation, interviewing, focus groups, content and discourse analysis, participatory assessment, etc.;
  • analysis of the human rights situation in the particular arena, identifying the causes of existing problems and tracking trends;
  • documentation of human rights violations.

Our thematic monitoring missions are open and transparent in their goals and methods. The results of each monitoring mission are published and inform Right to protection‘s responses to key challenges, and strategies to promote human rights. Analytical reports are published on Right to protection‘s website and communicated to the relevant authorities, civil society organizations, the international community, and other key stakeholders.

In Right to protection‘s experience, documenting evidence human rights violations, inappropriate enforcement practices of government authorities at local and national level, form effective tools when persuading authorities to modify their practices. Evidence and analysis of human rights violations are needed to develop targeted assistance programmes for vulnerable population segments.

Right to protection‘s monitoring reports are an important informational source not only for human rights defenders but also for policy-makers at all levels because the collected data and analysis can be used to identify gaps in legislation, policy and practice, and to identify best practices.

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