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Crossing the line of contact with the provisional order entry uncontrolled territory and out of the citizens of Ukraine and foreigners (stateless persons), as amended on 09.28.2015 year (hereinafter – the Order)

In some checkpoints of entry and exit (hereinafter – KPVV) can cross the line of contact?

At present, there are five road corridors crossing.

On 01.10.2015 r .. NOT operate road corridors:

in the Luhansk region – KPVV “Lisichansk”;
in the Donetsk region – KPVV “Kurakhovo” and KPVV “Georgievka.”

Work road corridors in the Donetsk region “Gorlovka, Artyomovsk” – KPVV “Zaitsevo”; “Donetsk-Mariupol (via Volnovakha)” – KPVV “Bugas”; “Novoazovsk-Krasnoarmeysk-Talakovka-Mariupol” – KPVV “Gnutova.”

Crossing through each of the KPVV may be terminated depending on the situation.

Crossing KPVV carried out:

in autumn and spring c 7:00 to 18:30 • in the winter – from 8:00 to 17:00, in the summer from 6:00 to 20:00.

Hours KPVV can vary by a separate decision of the head of ATU.

To cross the line of contact:

must obtain permission from an individual;
Paper pass is not needed, because the information about the person who has received permission to a natural person, is stored in the electronic register.

Resolution on the vehicle does not need a movement to / from the uncontrolled territories of vehicles allowed in the presence of the technical passport and proof of ownership of a vehicle or a notarized power of attorney from the owner of the vehicle.

Citizens of Ukraine have the right to free and unimpeded crossing of the line of contact at:

Obtaining permits individual.
Presentation of identification documents (passport of a citizen of Ukraine Ukrainian passport for travel abroad, diplomatic or service passports of Ukraine; seafarer’s identity document, business card, driver’s license or other government-issued document that has the following mandatory details like name, surname, middle name, photo, signature of official seal or stamp of issuing the document, the date of issue).

Citizens living in the settlements between the line of the collision and KPVV, by moving in the presence of identity documents, and KPVV and other checkpoints (excluding checkpoints first line) is crossed with a passport of citizen of Ukraine to the registration of residence in these areas.

Citizens who were freed from prison in the uncontrolled territories provide the document to the identity of that resigned.

Within three days, after appropriate checking the Interior Ministry and the State Migration Service of Ukraine (hereinafter – SCSU), that person is given a certificate (a copy of Form 1 for proof of citizenship and a passport of citizen of Ukraine) to further pass on its controlled territory of Ukraine.

Foreigners and stateless persons have the right to free and unhindered crossing of the line of contact at:

Obtaining permits individual.
Presentation of the passport document (national passport) or document substituting it.
For stateless persons – persons without citizenship certificate, certificate of citizenship for stateless persons traveling abroad, a permanent or temporary residence.

In accordance with the Procedure:

Representatives of all agencies and services in Ukraine in office must carry their ID cards and representation, and others who come for – a prescription on the job and a temporary pass.
Passengers have the right to be present during the inspection of vehicles, cargoes (goods), the competent authorities of luggage.
Planting persons in vehicles only with the permission of the authorized officials of the State Border Service of Ukraine (GNSU) and the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (DFS), unless prohibited by other supervisory bodies and services.
Check vehicles and roadblocks KPVV carried out only with the permission of the authorized persons GNSU.
Citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who are on the uncontrolled territory can apply for admission by completing the online application form on the website or directly on urp.ssu.gov.ua near them control checkpoint;

To obtain permission to cross, you can apply in person / through a representative to the Coordinating Group (anyone can submit you the necessary documents without a warrant), or send by mail.

permission is given to an individual for 10 days after the filing of the application (not later than 20 days).
in the case of death or illness of a close persons permission to an individual is provided during the day (through the control points of entry and exit or the roadblocks first line) in a written (oral) agreement of the leaders of the CC and CT, with appropriate documents confirming the death or illness of close persons or a document confirming the burial place of close persons).
in the case of threat to life and health of the person to cross the contact line permit is not required (at the time of the writing of this reference is not known in what situations can apply this rule).

Crossing the line of contact of children

Check children under 16 years of uncontrolled territory is carried out:

with the consent of both parents (adoptive parents) and their accompanied or accompanied by persons authorized by them, at the time of departure from Ukraine under 18 years old;
accompanied by a parent or other persons authorized by a parent of the notarized consent of the other parent with an indication of the state of destination (in this case, uncontrolled territory in which the public authorities temporarily exercise the powers provided by the legislation of Ukraine).

Notarized consent of the other parent is not required in case of presentation of originals or notarized copies of the following documents (in accordance with Government Resolution of January 27, 1995 № 57 “Rules of the State border crossing by citizens of Ukraine”):

child’s birth certificate, which confirms that the other parent is a foreigner or a stateless person who (which) is missing at the checkpoint;
the death certificate of the other parent;
court decision on deprivation of parental rights of the other parent;
a court decision on the recognition of the other parent is missing or incompetent;
Help the child’s birth, if the information about the father of the child introduced by the mother in accordance with Art. 135 of the Family Code of Ukraine (at the time of departure of the child, accompanied by a single mother).

Check with uncontrolled territories:

Ukrainian citizens who were born in 1998 and later due to stay on not con trolovany territory could not obtain a passport of citizen of Ukraine is carried out upon presentation of a birth certificate / copy of a birth certificate or any other document that makes it possible to identify the person and must be accompanied adult citizens of Ukraine who are authorized natural person (persons accompanying cross KPVV of general procedure).
children under the age of 16, carried out upon presentation of a birth certificate, any instrument as defined in Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship of Ukraine” and Article 2 of the Law of Ukraine “On procedure of exit from Ukraine and entry to Ukraine citizens of Ukraine” and must be accompanied adult citizens of Ukraine who are authorized natural person (persons accompanying children crossing KPVV of general procedure).
a child who was born after the beginning of the ATO, and as a result in the uncontrolled territory of residence was formalized her birth certificate, carried out accompanied by adult persons. For those who accompany these children, the intersection is carried out according to the general procedure.

In case of contact KPVV child under the age of 16 unaccompanied by legal representatives, senior officials PSU (KPVV) must provide a safe crossing of the line of contact between the child and to take measures to further transfer of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Obtaining electronic permit individual citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship

Register online urp.ssu.gov.ua.
After receiving the specified by you at registration email login and password, log in and fill out an online form to obtain an electronic authorization:

Select the tab “Apply”;
Select travel sector in which you need to obtain permission to cross.

You can mark all sectors;

Select citizenship (Ukrainian citizen or a foreigner / stateless person);
fill in all required fields in the Ukrainian language (marked with *)
in a separate box, specify the target and migration route in the area of ​​the ATO.
select the type of permit – multiple (valid for one year) or a one-off;
if necessary, specify in the statement of data on children up to 16 years. Also, the statement is possible (but not required) to attach a photo of the applicant and a scanned copy of the passport of the applicant (1.2 pages and the page with the registration of residence).

With a registered e-mail address, you can submit a maximum of 5 electronic applications.

Get permission via the website is possible only with a valid passport.

Be very careful when filling out online forms and made of their personal data, because you will not be able to correct incorrect / erroneous personal data indicated!

In accordance with the Order, the permission granted to an individual if one of the following reasons:

residence or his close relatives / family members on uncontrolled (controlled) area is confirmed by documents issued by state authorities of Ukraine (AIM: visiting relatives)
location on the uncontrolled (cont Levan) territory of the burial place of relatives or family members, as evidenced by the appropriate documents;
death of close relatives or family members in the uncontrolled (controlled) area, which is confirmed by relevant documents;
ownership of real property on the uncontrolled (controlled) area (AIM: care home and other real estate owned)
the need to ensure the participation of national interests of Ukraine to the peaceful settlement of the conflict and humanitarian issues;
performance of diplomatic and consular functions, including in the framework of international organizations of which Ukraine is a member of (exclusively at the request or with the agreement of the Foreign Ministry).
perform functions within the popular activities among organizations of which Ukraine is a member of (exclusively at the request or with the agreement of the Foreign Ministry)
of the uncontrolled visits (controlled) area (labor activity, training, scientific activity, cultural or religious purpose, rehabilitation, maintenance of the child in general education or pre-school educational institutions, etc.).

Transportation of personal goods (according to the order)

To temporarily uncontrolled territories can freely bring in things for their own needs (in carry-on baggage and / or accompanied baggage) that are not related to business activities:

personal belongings: personal care and beauty products for the individual face to face during the trip; personal clothing, underwear, shoes, second-hand; personal ornaments – precious metals and stones, which have been in use; camera, video camera, along with accessories; musical instruments (not more than two), two mobile phones; TV; two laptops and equipment for them; three flashcards; Two e-books; individual medical devices that have been in use;
conventional and / or strollers prams in accordance with the number of children who cross KPVV, and one due to lack of children; a wheelchair; drugs (no more than five packages each drug per person (except for medicines containing narcotic or psychotropic substances), two hours, 0.5 liters of toilet water (or 100 grams of spirits) sporting equipment per person;
goods (except for excisable goods) value of not more than 10 thousand UAH. and a total weight of not more than 50 kg per person;
food for their own consumption, cost no more than 5 thousand UAH. (not more than 50 kg per person).

Since temporarily uncontrolled territories can smuggle things / items in hand baggage (accompanied baggage) for your own, personal use, not related to business activities, namely:

personal belongings: personal care and personal beauty products (less than five packages each means to the person, personal clothing, underwear, shoes, second-hand, personal ornaments made of precious metals and stones that were in use, a camera, a video camera together with accessories, musical instruments (not more than two) tape recorder, voice recorder, two mobile phones, a TV, two laptops and accessories, three flash drives, two e-books Individual medical devices that were in use;
Up to two conventional and pleasure prams baby, and one of the lack of children; up to two wheelchairs to the disabled; drugs (no more than five packages each means to a person other than those containing narcotic or psychotropic substances); two hours; 0.5 liters of toilet water and / or 100 grams of spirits; sporting equipment per person;
goods (except for excisable goods) value of not more than 10 thousand UAH. and a total weight of not more than 50 kg per person; • food for their own consumption, cost no more than 5 thousand UAH. (not more than 50 kg per person);
personal belongings, with signs of use, intended for apartment design: furniture, crockery, cooking utensils, bedding and linens, books, stationery, carpets, paintings, lamps, tools, children’s toys.

Baggage in excess of these standards, recognized for the purposes of the Order of the load and moves on to the special procedures.

Moving the face of hand baggage (Su vodzhuvalnogo on luggage) across the line of demarcation is allowed no more than once per day.

Skip persons, vehicles and goods in the humanitarian and logistic centers through KPVV and roadblocks Humanities and logistics centers (hereinafter – GLTS):

designed to meet the needs of food and basic necessities, especially those residing in the uncontrolled territory;
located between the checkpoints of the first line of defense and KPVV, within road corridors;
operate during daylight hours, taking into account the time required for the return of citizens to the uncontrolled territory;

Skip citizens with uncontrolled territory GLTS through the checkpoint first line to purchase goods without crossing KPVV and their return back is carried out in accordance with the Order on the basis of identity documents, issued a special permit and a receipt.
In granting permission for admission in special vouchers put a note, after which the person or the vehicle is sent to the GLTS.
When leaving GLTS representatives from DFS perform vehicle checks for compliance with Section XIII of ok (See above. – Transportation of personal belongings) and Annex 6 to the Procedure (the list of prohibited items). DFS representatives in the absence of violations put a mark in the special control card.
Skip persons (entrepreneurs, merchants, etc.) and vehicles with a load (including cars with food) that do not cross the line of contact in accordance with the Procedure for an hour before the start of the control and verification activities KPVV.

Contact coordinating groups:

Veliko Novoselkovskoe PO AMIA Donetsk region: 85500, village. Great Novoselka Street. Pushkin, 30; tel: (097) 258-38-47; (050) 848-69-35; (063) 555-26-75 (answering machine).

Points of reception of documents: the village Great Novoselka Street. Gagarina, 1; m. Ugledar Street. 30th anniversary of Victory, 16a; m. Kurakhovo Street. Plekhanov, 2.

PO AMIA Mariupol, Donetsk region: 87515 g .. Mariupol, str. Georgivska 63; Tel: (0629) 22- 21- 99; (097) 010-94-25; (0629) 02.02.54; (063) 169-37-81 (answering machine).

Point for documents: Mr .. Mariupol Avenue 50 years of October, 20A; m. Mariupol, str. Engels 35a (receiving documents in sector B), g .. Mariupol, village Sartana Street. Chelyuskintsev 67a; KPVV “Gnutova.”

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