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27 November started the project “Life without violence”, implemented by Foundation “Child Smile” supported by Danish Refugee Council, ACF “right to protection” and the Agency for Refugees.

Within three months of the program will be held two trainings for psychologists working with adolescents. Project objectives – to train specialists to identify abusive adolescents and assist them. Training will conduct practical psychologists Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital, experts with years of experience in crisis situations.

“The goal of our training is to create a platform for professionals, where you can exchange experiences and get answers to questions relating to professional support troubled teens,” – said Eugene pockmarked coach project.

As Mr. pockmarked, in a country where there is war, significantly increased the level of violence and demoralization. Teens are at risk: they may be victims of violence and find themselves in the position of the aggressor. That is why the project “Life without violence”, aims to work with this category of the population is now more relevant than ever.

Also, as part of a competition of social video on the prevention of violence among adolescents. Participants are invited to attend creative people of the city. The prize fund is 5000 USD. Roller winner will be published in the regional media.

Note that the trainings are open to all interested professionals.

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