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UNHCR supports human right based approach in Ukraine’s position towards non-government controlled territories


KYIV, Ukraine, 10 February 2017 (UNHCR). UNHCR together with partners encourages Parliament to ensure international human rights standards while developing comprehensive solutions for territories outside of governmental control. On 8 February, UNHCR participated in a session of the Parliamentary Committee on State Building and Regional Policy to contribute to a discussion of draft law 3593-d On Temporarily Occupied Territory of Ukraine.

UNHCR along with other international organizations and national civil society partners have raised concerns regarding the substance of the suggested draft, and was grateful that the Committee created an opportunity for UNHCR and other organizations to share their perspectives in a frank discussion.

UNHCR raised concerns about provisions in the draft law regarding human rights protection, freedom of movement and the delivery of humanitarian assistance.  In a welcome development, the Committee decided  to establish an inclusive working group encompassing representatives of interested executive authorities, civil society members and international organizations, which will discuss the draft law in detail and look for solutions that will ensure the protection of human rights, while also respecting the state’s security needs.

UNHCR is ready to contribute to the further elaboration of this draft law in line with international legal standards.


For additional information please contact Nina Sorokopud, Public Information Officer,

UNHCR Ukraine: +380 50 310 1767, sorokopu@unhcr.org

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