Потребуєте допомоги?Зв’яжіться з нами

Help VPO – a document issued to citizens of Ukraine, who moved from the Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions (areas of antiterrorist operation and the settlements located on the frontline).

Get help in person or through a representative on the basis of a power of attorney can be a person with 18 years moved from those territories.

Registration of persons under 18 years is carried out in the certificate of one of the parents (family members).

If a person under 18 is moved without parents or family members, the statement in its interests served guardians / caregivers / legal representatives.

For help, you must contact the District Department of Labour and Social Protection at the address of your new (actual) residence (UTSZN).

If a person is placed regional headquarters State Emergency Service of Ukraine (BFNC), the documents are served in a responsible official of the regional headquarters BFNC.

For help, you must provide:

application form;
Ukrainian passport or other identity document;
an identity document of the legal representative (if applicable);
a document confirming the authority of the person as the legal representative of the child (if necessary);
the applicant may be asked to provide your photo or take a picture to make relevant information in a single database of internally displaced persons.

What if there is no passport?

notify the division of the State Migration Service (SMS), the place of residence;
within 1 day LCA will give you a provisional certificate confirming the identity.

Help is available for free on the day of submission of the application and must contain:

signature of the official;
Printing Department (control).

In UTSZN you must provide information on:

recovery of social benefits;
the need to open an account with an authorized bank (in the presence of the right to benefits)
the location of the local authorities and local self-government.

The issue of reference may be refused if:

ending the occupation of the Crimea;
the end of the antiterrorist operation;
lack of documents proving your identity.

If you refuse to issue a certificate, in any case, require the registration statement.

The application is filed, if it indicate: number and date, name, signature and title of the person who accepted the statement. Registered statement is proof that you really asked for getting help.

If you relocate, you need to “old” certificate, the “new” statement, passport and, if necessary, a power of attorney or other documents certifying the authority to act on behalf of children, contact the UTSZN at the new place of residence (the procedure is similar).

If the certificate is lost / spoiled – refer to the statement (of any form) for a duplicate (issued free).

The mark of the State Migration Service (DMS) to help VPO – is to register your residence.

The mark is stamped on the reverse side of the certificate HPE.

Without mark your reference HPE is invalid! To mark the VHI must apply with a passport and a certificate of HPE in territorial division LCA on a new residence specified in the certificate.

The mark on the registration of residence territorial division of the LCA said:

the actual address of residence; or
UTSZN address which issue certificates; or
address territorial divisions LCA.

Remember that the official LCA has no right to demand:

paying the state fee, bringing the owner of the property, the testimony of witnesses to confirm your residence or any other documents except passport and HPE (illegal requirement to provide a lease agreement or other documents in house)

The registration mark is not included in your passport!

Stamped is free – a requirement to pay a state fee, other fees and charges is illegal!

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