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Right to Protection office in Kyiv from 19.10.2020 to 23.10.2020 will work in a limited mode.

All legal services will be provided to clients in full in the remote way using the ZOOM, Viber, Skype services. The office is closed to visitors! Interviews and consultations scheduled for this week will be conducted online using the ZOOM, Viber, Skype service.

You can contact us at the following phones:

  • For asylum seekers: +38 093 049 52 18, +38 094 905 67 62, +38 044 337 17 62 (Write to us on Viber, WhatsApp: +38 093 038 95 62)
  • For stateless persons: +38 093 039 00 71, +38 093 038 90 31

Stay tuned for updates and be healthy!


UNHCR representation in Ukraine invites to join the Community Support Initiatives (CSI) project. If you are an asylum seeker or a refugee and have an idea of the project that would benefit your community—check this out!

UNHCR representation in Ukraine and its Partners in the regions announce the start of the Community Support Initiatives (CSI) project. Community Support Initiatives are ideas of projects that are brought by members of communities with the aim of promoting awareness of their rights and the suggestions of the communities on improvements/changes to their current situation.

The start of the application project is today, July 1st! The end of the application project is on September 15th, 2020.

Pay attention! The sooner your active group submits the project, the sooner you’ll receive feedback and can start with its implementation! Because real changes start with each of us; and if we unite our efforts we will make the change happen quicker and more effectively.

You can discuss your idea and the application process with UNHCR Partners in different locations:

Kyiv: Rokada (Благодійний фонд “Рокада”). Address: 7 Chumaka Str., Tel: 044 501 56 96.
Odesa: The Tenth of April (Десяте Квітня). Address: 15 Heroiv Krut Str., office 511. Tel: 093 662 85 24.
Kharkiv: Right to Protection (Право на захист). Address: 85 Chernyshevska Str., Tel: 099 507 90.
Lviv and Zakarpattya: NEEKA Ukraine. Address: 3 Michurina Str., Mukachevo, Tel: 03131 321 22.

Please inquire for the details at the Organizations listed above depending on your location. They will explain the requirements and selection process, as well as help you develop your project idea.


Available on Facebook, the Refugee Helper chatbot from CF Right to Protection is now operational. The online tool aims to simplify the provision of critical legal information for refugees and asylum seekers in Ukraine. Additionally, the chatbot will raise awareness around issues related to the rights and responsibilities of refugees and asylum seekers residing in Ukraine, and it aims to help these individuals to integrate into Ukrainian society.

The chatbot was previewed at a testing format in December 2019 during the Access to Justice Hackathon in Kyiv. 

Svetlana Butenko, Senior Attorney at Right to Protection (R2P), says that the idea of providing legal aid online through an automated chatbot originated in the organization some years ago. “It’s important to take into account the individual life circumstances in which our beneficiaries find themselves” Svetlana says. “These are people who may need legal assistance at any time: while they’re crossing the border, or at night during an illegal detention. Many of them don’t speak Ukrainian yet, and so it can be difficult to understand the authorities or the local community. That’s why it’s so important for us—using modern technology—to have an automated helper that can be available from anywhere in the world at any time. Moreover, this advice should offer clear advice in an appropriate language.” 

The Refugee Helper is on Facebook and available 24/7—users can receive legal advice and answers to common questions at any time of day. For example, you can learn how to apply for refugee status, what to do if your application is rejected, what to do when authorities ask to see your documents, where to find housing, how to get a job, and many other useful tips. 

Adapting the information and legal terminology to the average user has been one of the most challenging tasks in developing the program: “Of course, we knew that we had to provide information as simply and clearly as possible so that any person could immediately access and use the critical information” Ms. Butenko says. “This is why we’ve included the ability to download relevant documents, and we’ve added links to institutions, government agencies, and other organizations which can help if someone is in trouble.” 

The chatbot tool is not intended to replace the legal specialists at organizations like R2P; the available information will not be enough to solve all problems. In cases where additional help may be required, R2P has also provided their project hotlines which are available to potential clients:

Kyiv: +38 093 049 52 18; +38 094 905 67 62

Kharkiv: +38 094 811 17 64

Lviv: +38 093 023 08 55

And, in case of emergency, the Viber & WhatsApp Number: +38 093 038 95 62


The Right to Protection has launched a project aimed at integrating refugees and asylum seekers into Ukrainian society, in particular through their employment. Nowadays, one of the main problems for refugee or complementary protection holders, as well as asylum seekers is the problem of employment. To address this, in March 2020 our project “Innovative Ways to Integrate Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Ukraine” was launched.

For its part, Right to Protection offers and ensures:

  • support in the preparation of the package of documents required for official employment;
  • matching potential employees with employers in accordance with the job requirements;
  • coordination of communication between the potential employer and persons interested in obtaining a job.

Please contact us, if you:

  • are looking for a job;
  • need help in drafting a resume, preparing for an interview, and finding a job;
  • want to receive a TAX ID Number;
  • need assistance in supporting your private enterprise?
  • have a valid passport/other ID document

We can help! Please contact or write a message to Viber on 063 411 72 92

Project description

Every minute, 20 people around the world are forced to abruptly drop everything, leave their lives behind, and escape violence. According to UNHCR more than 26 million refugees and 3.5 million asylum seekers were forced to flee their homes in 2019. Some of these people end up receiving protective status in Ukraine; the State Migration Service says that as of January 1st, 2019, there were 2,620 refugees and more than 5,500 asylum seekers in the country. 

However, despite being beyond the reach of the violence they fled from, these people still face massive challenges in beginning their lives anew. In particular, it can be extremely difficult for them to find gainful and lawful employment due to employers’ lack of knowledge about their legal circumstances regarding the right to work. 

In March of 2018, in order to address this outstanding challenge, R2P launched the Innovative Ways to Integrate project. The overall goal of the project is to find ways to integrate refugees and asylum seekers within the territories of Ukraine. In particular, the project aims to help refugees and asylum seekers find employment, as well as solutions to everyday challenges (birth and marriage registration, etc.), so that they can begin to live normal, self-sustaining lives. 

Since then, R2P has developed and now manages a database of more than 500 resumés of refugees, complementary protection holders, and asylum seekers in Ukraine. We have also built a network of socially responsible employers who fill their vacancies through our services. This exchange is beneficial for all parties because Ukrainian companies often experience high turnover and staffing shortages, and they are in need of people just like our beneficiaries. 

However, our work is far from done! There are many more individuals in need of work, and there are many more positions that need to be filled. A new phase of this project will focus on addressing the problem of access to employment starting in March 2020.

R2P continues our ongoing outreach to refugee communities and to potential employers. We are keeping our databases updated with skilled people looking for jobs, and we are continuing to conduct outreach and educational seminars to inform Ukrainian businesses about what they need to know when hiring refugees. 


What to do if the duration of «dovidka» has expired during quarantine period COVID-19?

  1. Contact R2P (Right to protection) office and inform about the date when your DOVIDKA has expired (or is going to be expired). 
    Kiev: +38 093 049 52 18; +38 094 905 67 62; +38 044 337 17 62
    Kharkiv: 094-811-1764
    Alternatively, write us on Viber, WhatsApp: +38 093 038 95 62
  2. Make a picture of your DOVIDKA (if it is possible) and to send it to the Viber number of Migration service +38 093-020-95-48
  3. Contact the Viber number of Migration service +38 093-020-95-48 right after the quarantine period and visit the premises of Migration service during 30 days after the quarantine period for DOVIDKA extension without fine.
  4. Be in contact with R2P office as for the difficulties in this issue.
  5. Stay at home and keep low profile.

Read the advices of lawyers CF “The right to protection” here.

Read the advices of lawyers CF “The right to protection” here.