Disaster Risk Reduction

R2P's Disaster Risk Reduction area aims to prevent natural and anthropogenic disasters in Ukraine and/or mitigate their consequences. We implement systemic changes to avoid the forced displacement of people that such catastrophes can cause. 

This focus is a unique component of the human rights and humanitarian activities of R2P in environmental rights and security, protection of the environment and civilians. A risk-oriented approach is the basis for this work. 

Restoring and rebuilding Ukraine as a green, sustainable country, in line with the principle of "Build Back Better", is one of the main challenges in the aftermath of the full-scale invasion. The division gives special attention to this work, mainly through environmental and civilian security prism.

The protection of civilians during the war, namely the readiness of the state on the ground to face the risks associated with it and the ability to respond in a timely and effective manner in the event of an emergency, is also an essential part of our work. 

Within the Disaster Risk Reduction programme, R2P:

  • researches and prepares analytical materials;
  • develops specialised recommendations;
  • advocates (nationally and internationally);
  • strengthens the capacity of beneficiaries to prepare for and respond to disaster risks (information events, training, advisory support);
  • raises awareness of environmental safety and civil protection;
  • legally protects environmental rights and interests; 
  • provides in-kind assistance.

We work with:

  • central and local executive authorities (line ministries, regional state administrations);
  • territorial communities;
  • specialised state institutions and structures;
  • civilians (including vulnerable categories);
  • media and the journalistic community;
  • the public.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is a global movement led by the United Nations. Ukraine is an official member of this movement.

Since 2019, R2P has been a member of the Risk Reduction Consortium (RR Consortium), which, led by ACTED, brings together many international and Ukrainian NGOs to work together to reduce the risks of natural and anthropogenic disasters in Ukraine.

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