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Vasyl Artemovych is a disabled person of the 1st group, he sees almost nothing. In his hometown of Luhansk, he felt everything by touch and knew the exact number of steps to his favorite park, pharmacy, and hospital. But 7 years ago, on August 5, 2014, he fled from Luhansk. He left his home without any hope of a quick return, left and learned to live in a new place, got used to local streets, to a new apartment.

Initially, Mr. Vasyl lived in Pavlohrad for a year. In November 2015, he moved to a modular town in Nikopol and then settled in a dormitory. But in February 2021 this dormitory was decommissioned. And again, it was the uncertainty and anticipation of the need to move to a new place, because in 5 years the apartment in the dormitory has already become something very similar to home.

After learning from Olena Pazenko, a monitor at the Dnipro office of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P), about the possibility of relocating to Kamyanske, where the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund and local authorities were renovating a house into comfortable apartments for internally displaced persons, Vasyl Artemovych hoped that this might become a new home for him.

Thanks to Yevhen Romaniy, the director of the Municipal Enterprise “City Housing and Technical Inspection” of the Nikopol City Council, who provided the transport, Vasyl Artemovych, and 3 other IDPs were transported to Kamyanske to see the apartment: for him, it was unbelievable that a new house might be available somewhere.

The process of moving to Kamyanske was quite long, preceded by the months of waiting, but fortunately, everything is over. Ahead is a long life in a new apartment.

The story of resettlement. He finally found his new home in Kamyanske

Olena Sukha, a monitor of the R2P, who accompanied Mr. Vasyl to Kamyanske, says:

«The Kamyanske community is an example of caring and humane treatment of people. On the first day, as soon as Vasyl Artemovych received the keys to the one-room apartment, he was visited by the social workers of the Kamyanske Territorial Center for Social Services. From their first steps in the new community people felt like at home here.»

Mr. Vasyl believes in God. In his words of gratitude, he always repeats that the monitors of the Dnieper office CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) are his guardian angels, who helped him in the difficult times: redirected to the UNHCR humanitarian aid, sent warm clothes by mail in the winter, and when he was left homeless, he was assisted in moving to Kamyanske, where he found his new home and people with whom he felt confident and comfortable.

The story of resettlement. He finally found his new home in Kamyanske



The story began in May 2021. At first, this case seemed so complicated that it could be simply impossible to provide the necessary assistance.

However, we made an effort and were able to succeed and help this little family to cope with all the difficulties!

One day Natalia, a 27 years old pregnant woman applied to the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection (R2P) for help. She was in difficult life circumstances since she had no identity documents.

Natalia is an orphan with a disability. Her parents died when she was a little baby. Aunt took her and her sister under guardianship. All of them lived together in one of the settlements near the town of Volnovakha, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine.

According to the woman, the aunt often insulted her. One day, Natalia’s patience ran out: she collected all of her documents and left the house.  For several days she spent nights at bus stops where her documents were stolen. The girl was sheltered by a local resident of Volnovakha, who lived alone with his mother.

The pregnant woman was not registered at the women’s clinic. Natalia understood that the term was already very long and she would give birth soon, but due to the lack of documents, she would not be able to register her baby and get the necessary social assistance.

Being worried about the fate of her unborn child, the woman began to look for all possible ways to restore the documents. One day, Natalia turned for help to the R2P.

Зробити все можливе і неможливе заради власної дитинки. Історія Наталії Trying to do everything possible and impossible for a child. Natalia's story

In May, Natalia gave birth to a daughter. Our colleagues helped her recover the stolen documents. On her birthday, she received a new passport, and a few days later – a duplicate of the taxpayer’s card (TIN).

Without wasting time, a daughter’s birth certificate was issued at the Volnovakha District Department of the State Civil Registry Office.

The Administrative Service Centre of the Volnovakha District State Administration provided state assistance for the birth of a child, aid to a single mother, families with children, and received a newborn starter kit.

Accounts were also opened at the bank to receive state monetary aid. From the Center for Social Services, the mother and baby received diapers and a baby blanket, hygiene products, bed linen, clothes for mother and child, food.

Social workers helped the mother and child to sign a contract with the family doctor. Now the child is under the supervision of a pediatrician.

During a visit to the family, it was also discovered that an elderly woman living in the house with Natalia had a serious illness and needed treatment. Employees of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) urgently transported the woman to the hospital where she was immediately admitted to the surgical department.  Currently, the woman is feeling better and receives qualified medical care.

We are so glad that we were able to help this family. We wish Natalia and her daughter to never get into such a difficult life situation again!

R2P expresses its sincere gratitude for the cooperation in solving the problems of this family to the staff of the Volnovakha District Department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, the Volnovakha Administrative Services Centre, the Volnovakha State Civil Registry Office, and the Center for Social Services.

#InvestInHumanity #UkraineHumanitarianFund



Lyubov Ivanivna is a pensioner, an internally displaced person, and a fragile woman who had to personally go through all the horrors of 2014.

Back in the days the woman lived in Donetsk, Ukraine. Her home is located near the Donetsk airport. In 2014, after collecting the most necessary things, the woman left for Dnipro, where she lived in a rented apartment until December 2018.

Історія переселення: Любов Іванівна знайшла нову домівку в Жовтих Водах

Then Lyubov Ivanivna moved to a dormitory in Vilnohirsk because the prices for utilities there were more reasonable.  But in February 2021, the residents of the dormitory received a report of eviction due to fire safety problems.

Upon learning about the possible eviction of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the dormitory, the monitors of the R2P provided information on possible options for resettlement within the Dnipropetrovsk region. But people who had already lost their home once and settled in a new place did not want to leave Vilnohirsk. Out of the 16 residents of the dormitory, only Lyubov Ivanivna decided to move to the city of Zhovti Vody. And the new town welcomed her.

Olena Pazenko, monitor of the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” accompanied Lyubov Ivanivna in the new city:

“When one comes to another city, it’s always a kind of a stress. And we always try to accompany our beneficiaries to help them visit all the institutions as quickly and productively as possible, as well as to gather all the necessary documents. And thanks to the head of the youth and sports department of Zhovtovodska City Council Olena Lauda and the chief specialist of the department Lyudmila Shkurenko, we managed to do everything in one day: inspect the dormitory, get a residence permit in the hospital and get an IDP certificate.

Some say that it’s not easy to be empathetic when you listen to and address the problems of dozens of people every day, but the employees of Zhovtovodska City Council ruined this myth with their own great example!”

– our colleague said.

Today, Lyubov Ivanivna lives in the dormitory of the Pedagogical College, where the 4th floor was renovated and furnished for the comfortable living of displaced persons.

Маленькі громади з великим серцем. Історія Девладівської ОТГ

“In the end of 2020, during a joint meeting, representatives of the Slovyansk UNHCR office stressed the need to focus efforts on resettlement assistance and housing for IDPs. In our work, we face the fact that many people who receive information about the available housing options need our aid and support. Housing issues are still unresolved for the most vulnerable social groups: those with disabilities, the elderly, single mothers with children. 

During the relocation within the region, we have to meet people at the transport stations in the new cities and accompany them to the amalgamated territorial community departments, Departments of the Social Protection and to the Administrative Service Centres. It is too difficult for people to do all these steps alone, and not everyone can afford to stay and rent a house. This is the situation when our monitors come and help. 

Communities are always interested in joint cooperation to make the lives of people better. And a great example of such cooperation is this particular case with Zhovtovodska Hromada,»

– said Myroslava Sushchenko, head of the Dnipro-Zaporizhzhya office of the Chatitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P).



Ostap was born in the Luhansk region of Ukraine in 1986. As a child, he moved with his family to the city of Debaltseve in the Donetsk region. There he grew up, studied, and met his future wife. Due to family circumstances, he was able to apply for a passport of a citizen of Ukraine only in 2014. At the moment the document was ready and the only thing needed was to receive it, the war began.

The man and his family fled in hurry and left almost everything they had in the Donetsk region – property, money, some of the documents. He and his wife later moved to the Ternopil region. In 2017, their son was born. Due to the lack of documents, Ostap was not able to officially become a husband and prove paternity. Lack of documents made it almost impossible for him to earn money for the family.

All this time Ostap tried to get a passport of a citizen of Ukraine. After numerous refusals, in 2020 he applied to the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P).  Since then, there have been endless calls, trips to the State Migration Service (SMS), appeals, applications, and, unfortunately, complaints.

In February 2021, the Migration Service finally agreed to identify our beneficiary. However, citizenship remained unrecognized. In May 2021, after two days of negotiations with the State Migration Service, documents to apply for the Stateless Determination Procedure (SDP).

Despite three official and dozens of unofficial refusals to issue a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, when applying for an SDP, Migration Service representatives insisted that these actions do not make sense, because the person is a citizen of Ukraine.

We will learn about the SMS decision later.  In the meantime, regardless of the results of the examination, Ostap will now finally be able to obtain an identity document and open the door to a new life.



Svitlana was born in Russia in 1991 during the collapse of the Soviet Union. The events of that time had a long impact on her life. When she was 2 years old, her mother transported her to Ukraine and left her alone. Another woman took care of Svitlana and in fact became her grandmother.  Unfortunately, she failed to officially certify guardianship. This was one of the reasons for the beginning of troubles in which Svitlana got into at the age of 16.

Svitlana was denied a Ukrainian passport. For almost 15 years, the girl fought for her right to be a part of this world, for the right to have an education, to be able to work, become a wife, a mother. During this time, she repeatedly applied to the Migration Service to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. Instead, she only received oral and written refusals, requests to wait, come later, numerous excuses or responses that they are not competent in this issue.

During all these years, Svitlana got unofficially married and gave birth to 2 wonderful children.  Due to her lack of documents, she and her husband were forced to prove paternity in court.

In 2020, Svitlana turned to the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) for help. The woman and our lawyer were waiting for several months of appeals, complaints, and constant negotiations. Yet, in the spring of 2021, Svitlana was able to apply for stateless status after the introduction of the Stateless Determination Procedure (SDP) in Ukraine.

 Still, this is only the beginning – explanations, challenges, and inquiries are ahead. However, this is a big step towards a bright future for a kind woman and her family. A future where the country that became a home for Svitlana will finally notice her, as well as other stateless people.



In 2015, Yulia and her 5 y.o. twin sons moved from Donetsk to the modular town in Nikopol. This was her second attempt to save herself and her children when it became clear that the war in eastern Ukraine would last a long time.

A year spent under shelling, sleepless nights, and waking up from torn shells now seem a thing of the past, but are not forgotten: Yulia’s children still shudder when they hear explosions of firecrackers or holiday fireworks.

Yulia and her sons are already packing their suitcases to move from the modular town of Nikopol to a two-room apartment in the town of Kamyanske. And, of course, their beautiful black cat Louis will join them in a new home.

Natalia Yukhymenko, the commandant of the modular town of Nikopol, has been taking care of the family since the beginning of their relocation to the city. This is what she thinks of Yulia:

“Yulia is a very bright person and an incredible mother! She does everything for her children. I’m sorry that Yulia is moving to Kamyanske, but at the same time I’m very happy for her because she dreamed so much about her own house!”

Before moving out of Nikopol, Yulia regularly went to the hospital with one of her sons who has disabilities. Monitor of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) Olena Pazenko once met Yulia and told her that Ukrainian Social Investment Fund (USIF) has renovated an apartment building for IDPs in Kamyanske. After learning about this possibility, Yulia decided to move to the city to apply for social housing.

Thanks to the support provided by the monitors of the Dnipro-Zaporizhzhya office of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) and the indifferent attitude of the head of the housing commission of the Kamyanske City Council Alyona Skala, the dream of Yulia and her sons became a reality.

The woman can barely hold back tears of joy: 

“Dreams come true! I still can’t believe that my family now has a real apartment! Thanks to USIF, to the caring community of Kamyanske who welcomed us, and to the R2P for making my dream come true!”

Myroslava Sushchenko, head of the Dnipro-Zaporizhzhya office of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) says:

“Sincere words of gratitude from our beneficiaries are very valuable for us, as this is how we feel and understand our involvement in the realization of their dreams. This is exactly the feeling which gives meaning to our work!”

On the photo – Yulia and Olena Pazenko, monitoring specialist of the R2P



Residents of one of the settlements of Volnovakha Civil-Military Administration (CMA) contacted the social workers of the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P) and reported about a man of a respectable age without a permanent place of residence living in their settlement for almost 2 years, periodically in apartment basements and on the street.

Cooperation for help Допомога спільними зусиллями

Our colleagues immediately headed to the settlement, where they searched for this man and found out that now he temporarily lives in the country house with an acquaintance. The country house has no access to heating, water supply, drainage, and other conditions for permanent residence. In addition, it was found that the man is not officially employed, does not receive pension benefits, and needs a medical examination due to a stroke he had recently.

R2P Employees sent a request to the head of the Volnovakha City CMA for social protection of the homeless, paid a joint visit to the man together with the employees of the Center for Social Services and the Territorial Social Service Center of the Volnovakha City CMA.

Допомога спільними зусиллями

As a result of the joint work, our beneficiary was registered as homeless and was issued a certificate to start receiving an old-age pension and/or a social pension, referrals were issued to the Pension Fund of Ukraine Office in Volnovakha District and the Volnovakha District State Administration.

The man was also offered accommodation in a charity rehabilitation center, but he declined the offer. It is also possible to accompany him to the hospital and provide humanitarian assistance.



Indira is the mother of many children. The woman turned for help to R2P in 2018. Her eldest son Roman did not have a birth certificate. Indira became pregnant at a young age and gave birth to children at home. Back in 2005 when the woman gave birth to Roman, she did not know how to get a birth certificate, as well as in 2018, when she gave birth to another child.

Our lawyer made several inquiries, after which a statement was prepared to the court to establish the fact of the child’s birth. However, the court refused to open the case, believing that Indira had other ways to obtain a son’s birth certificate. The Kharkiv Court of Appeals generally recommended forcing civil registry offices to register the birth of 13-year-old Roma, ignoring the current legislation on the required list of documents.

In 2020, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, in its ruling, ordered the Ordzhonikidze District Court to open a case and consider an application to establish the fact of Roman’s birth. At the request of our lawyer, a costly genetic examination was ordered, the funds for which were allocated by the R2P. DNA testing proved the fact that Roman was Indira’s son.

Due to the high professionalism of the Kholodnohirsky District Department of State Registration of Civil Status Acts of the Eastern Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice (Kharkiv), the birth of Roman was registered on the day of application and a certificate was then issued.

But the joy of our lawyer was suddenly overshadowed – the telephone connection with Indira was lost, none of the available telephone numbers were serviced. The lawyer only knew that Indira and her children had recently moved to Kryvyi Rih… The real search began then.

відділу соціальних гарантій та виплат УСЗН виконкому Тернівської

On the verge of despair, the lawyer turned to the contact center of the city of Kryvyi Rih – and it worked! The next day, Natalia Ryabushenko, the head of the Executive Committee of the Department of Social Guarantees and Payments (Department of Labour and Social Protection of the Ternivka District Council), called and volunteered to help.

She not only provided the information available to her but also searched through the other areas in the city and then called us back and told our lawyer the address at which Indira was registered. Later, Olena Pazenko, a monitor of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P), joined the cause to help Roman. It was she who completed the creation of a miracle for the boy. As a result, Roman finally got the long-awaited document – legal proof of his existence.

Свідоцтво про народження для сина. Історія Індіри

Now Roman is waiting for a visit to the State Migration Service of Ukraine to obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

The only thing to add to this story is that it is very difficult to provide full legal assistance at a distance, given the vulnerability and insecurity of our beneficiaries… But the sensitivity and humanity cover miles, creating real miracles and giving faith in a better future! Many thanks to the colleagues and everyone who helped.



«Sometimes, it seems that a little can surprise me at work, yet some impossible scenarios may arise from time to time. When I speak with our beneficiaries I just don’t understand how they manage to endure and overcome the obstacles that were artificially created by the state.»

says Ruslan Bereteli, a lawyer of the Charitable Fund “Right to Protection” (R2P).

The story of our cooperation with Maria began in the winter of 2020, when a woman came to the Kurakhiv office of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) with a request for help. For almost an hour, she, a native of Donetsk city, told how she studied and worked in her hometown, how she got married and gave birth to two daughters. At first, it seemed like a usual life of an ordinary person. Yet there was one moment: for all this time she did not exist legally – in her 31st year, she did not have a passport or any other relevant identity documents. She couldn’t receive birth certificates for her children, couldn’t get an official job, or buy train/plane tickets.

Руслан Беретелі про становище та права ромської спільноти в Україні

«First of all, we had to confirm the fact that Maria lived on the territory of Ukraine as of 1991. According to my own legal experience at R2P, I have never seen such a motivated client before. Each instruction regarding the collection of evidence was carried out almost instantly: a relative of our client in Donetsk searched for evidence in the school where our beneficiary studied, and in the hospital, where she was registered since childhood. We also were able to receive certificates from the company where Maria’s mother worked. She managed to find the student’s personal file, medical card, certificates, and much more.»

– says Ruslan Bereteli.

The evidence of Maria’s residence in Ukraine as of 1991 was indisputable, and therefore the woman had the right to be recognized as a citizen of Ukraine. However, in court, despite the obvious evidence, a representative of the State Migration Service (SMS) opposed establishing this fact. Leonid Serafimovych, a lawyer of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P), argued and insisted on the beneficiary’s position, and the court supported our side.

For several months, the Migration Service did not comply with the court’s decision: Maria was not provided with the application form, demanded to provide some non-existing evidence, offered to wait for the head of the service, and so on. The difficult issue of legal support to the State Migration Service of Ukraine department could not be resolved, because once again it was advised to “wait for the SMS head”…

So our lawyers did. CF “Right to Protection” turned directly to the head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The case was immediately taken under control, and the documents were accepted. Within three months, Maria received a certificate of belonging to Ukrainian citizenship and later – a passport.

Until now, the woman had to use copies of recently received birth certificates. Now she was able to pick up the originals. Maria also reissued her lost registration number of the taxpayer’s account card. There is a lot of work behind, yet no less ahead – now a woman will have to deal with making a comfortable life for herself and her children: get an official job, apply for social benefits, and more. But, as Maria says: «The passport opens all doors. A truly universal key»

You can also watch the Story of Maria in the video