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Project description

The ‘Advocacy, Protection and Legal Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons’ project has been implemented with the support of UNHCR since 2016. Within the project, our team identifies human rights abuses of internally displaced persons, as well as other groups of people affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The project specialists provide legal, informational and social assistance. Based on the information about systemic violations, that we have gathered, advocacy efforts are being made to improve legislation and enforcement practices.

Description of previous project outcomes

Only in 2019, the project specialists provided legal advice to over 18,000 people and nearly 28,000 received social information consultations. Our legal team handled 2000 court cases. The project offices are located in Kharkiv, Sievierodonetsk, Sloviansk, Bakhmut, Mariupol, Kurakhovo, Dnipro, and Zaporizhzhia. Project specialists also work at all five entry-exit checkpoints.

Project newsProject news

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‘Crossing the contact line’ report, November 2019

Crossing the contact line’ report, November 2019

Crossing the contact line’ report, November 2019

  • You should immediately contact your last employer. Your former employer should issue you a new employment record book or one which says “Duplicate.” The duplicate should contain information all of the information on when you worked there and what job functions you performed.

    What if the employment record book remains with an employer in the temporarily occupied territory? In this case, it is possible to get a duplicate employment record book at your new place of residence. To accomplish this, you will need to fill out an application and get a letter from the Anti-Terrorist Center at the Security Service of Ukraine in the territory where you worked.

    Remember that work experience gained since 2004 (and in some cases going back to 1998) can be confirmed by the Pension Fund of Ukraine by filling out the OK-5 form.If applying for a pension in the absence of an employment record book, you will need to provide certificates and other proof from companies and organizations where you worked including documents demonstrating the period of work. This is particularly important for any work history prior to 2004.

  • In order to register, you must contact your local Pension Fund Office and submit an application. You will need to have with you: two photos of 30×25 mm, a Ukrainian passport, a private tax number, an IDP registration certificate (for IDPs only).

    For minors and incapacitated persons receiving pensions , documents are to be submitted by legal representatives and guardians (they must provide documents proving their relationship to the pensioner, as well as their passport and private tax number).

    The ERC will be ready, produced free of charge by Oschadbank, within 30 working days. You can pick it up at the Oschadbank branch of your choice.

  • You need to follow these steps:
    1. At the time of your pension’s renewal, you should draft a written request to the management of the Pension Fund (PF) where you are registered as a pension recipient asking for an explanation regarding the non-payment of arrears.
    2. Send your request to the appropriate PF body by post, or you may personally submit it to your PF office. It is best to collect a receipt of acceptance from the PF office.
    3. Contact a lawyer for legal assistance in going to court.

    You will need to have copies and originals of the following documents:
    – passport
    – private tax number
    – certificate of IDP registration
    – pension certificate
    – response from the management of the Pension Fund regarding the grounds for non-payment of debt since the suspension of pension payments.

    You and your lawyer will sign an ‘Agreement on Legal Assistance,’ and then your lawyer will need to collect all of the above documents from you in order to file your case in court. You will have to pay a court fee before continuing on to court.