Anastasia Odintsova tells about her mentoring experience

25 лютого 2021

The Mentoring Program of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) had just recently ended, but no one said it won’t start again! Today, on February 25th CEDEM launches it’s Mentoring Program 2.0. Anastasia Odintsova, advocacy lawyer at R2P was a mentor in the first program and will participate in the second one. Here is what she says about her first mentees from the NGO «Women's Initiative Foundation»:

«During my participation in the first program, I got extraordinary mentees – Halyna Tatarenko and Olena Arsentieva, who are not only members of the NGO, but are also internally displaced persons. They work and teach at Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University (this university moved from Luhansk to Severodonetsk). They both have a common goal: to provide access to higher education to the people with disabilities and limited mobility in the Luhansk region in the shortest term possible, and later – implement it throughout Ukraine.»

«The program has been a great start for this.  During its implementation goals were identified and most importantly, the steps to achieve these goals were drawn. At the moment, I have joined my former mentees in developing a National Strategy for Creating a Barrier-Free Space in Ukraine, and we are already working there as equal partners and changing our country for the better,» – says Anastasia Odintsova.

Halyna Tatarenko is also optimistic on this matter:

 «After the program, we have already participated in the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference «Interaction of international and national law through the prism of globalization and integration» where the results of the mentoring program were presented. In the spring we will present an Analytical Report on ensuring the rights of people with disabilities and low mobility groups to access higher quality and professional higher education in the Luhansk region, which will contain recommendations to overcome the existing problems.»

In the near future, new cooperation with new mentees will begin and it will be no less interesting and socially useful.  You can find more information on our Facebook page and on the CEDEM page.

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