We help people who suffered from the conflict and have nothing to sleep on

8 листопада 2016

Leaving their own houses in a hurry, people took along the most necessary things. It happened so, that they escaped gunfire and shelling having no personal belongings at all. As to kitchen utensils, bed linen or furniture, nobody considered taking them along. Having settled in rented flats or houses, internal migrants felt acute need in seemingly common things: pans, pots, frying pans, bed linen and beds. This was also the problem of the residents of localities, situated close to the contact line whose houses suffered from shelling. It was a bed that was a necessary thing which IDPs and people who suffered from the conflict can’t afford buying most often. We will tell you four short stories of the people for whom a good bed was a real must-have, and of how we managed to help these people. The village of Bakhmutske, Bakhmutske District, Donetsk Region A single mother with her four children moved here from the village of Zaitseve which is near Horlivka. The family was lucky to rent a good house, however there were hardly any pieces of furniture inside. Three sisters are obliged to share one bed disturbing each other. Thus, folding beds transferred to the family by the staffers of Sloviansk office of CF «Right to Protection» will be very helpful for the children’s health and will improve their physical and emotional state. The village of Orlianske, Vasyliv District, Zaporizhzhia Region The former Horlivka resident has three children, whom she raises alone. A village house the family rents, though old, is warm, cosy and totally empty. The benches covered with blankets serve as children’s beds. A two-tier children’s bed, transferred by the staffers of Zaporizhzhia office of CF «Right to Protection», will help in normal growth and development of the children. The village of Nyzhnie, Popasna District, Luhansk Region The house of 77-year-old resident of the village of Nyzhnie, which is situated close to the contact line, was ruined as the result of a direct hit of the multiple artillery rocket system ‘Grad’ shell. The woman survived by a miracle. With the help of non-governmental organizations, the house was partially reconstructed, but currently there is no furniture there. To prevent the old woman’s sleeping on the floor in cold weather, the staffers of Severodonetsk office of CF «Right to Protection» transferred a bed with a mattress to the woman. The village of Granitne, Volnovakha District, Donetsk Region The old family couple has been residing in the village of Granitne for all their lives. Last year a shell hit their house, and the house was partially ruined as the result. The old people are in a difficult situation: their children were killed in an accident; they have no close relatives, so they can’t expect any help. Besides, the man is badly ill – because of his diabetes mellitus, his both legs were amputated. So, nearly all the time the old man is staying in his old bed which was covered with fur-coats and jackets for his comfort. The staffers of Mariupol office of CF «Right to Protection» are sure that a bed and an orthopaedic mattress transferred to the old man will provide his opportunity to turn and lift himself independently.