Dialogues between IDP initiative groups and local authorities in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Working with the amalgamated territorial communities, in particular on the issues related to the integration, provision of legal aid, advice and necessary information to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) is one of the priority vectors of our organization.

The new project “Dialogues between IDP initiative groups and local authorities in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast”, implemented with the support of the German Federal Government within the framework of the Civil Peace Service program, envisages active work in this direction.

Existing local programs and action plans for their implementation do not provide for the protection of the rights of IDPs and their integration into the local communities.

Displaced persons without registration at the new place of residence are deprived of local social guarantees, having only the right to social benefits, which are also temporary. For more than seven years, the main need of IDPs was housing – comfortable, compliant with sanitary, fire, and other safety standards. Internally displaced persons want to have the same rights in the areas of social protection, health, education, science, and when doing business. And all this is more than possible to do at the community level, but unfortunately, IDPs are often out of the process of developing, discussing, and agreeing on the local programs.

At the same time, the project implemented by R2P in Ilarionivska, Slobozhanska, Zhovtovodska, and Vilnohirska Amalgamated Territorial Communities aims to change this situation and provide IDP initiative groups with the ability to protect their rights and influence the implementation of the relevant policies on the local level.

«The project proposes to review approaches aimed at ensuring the inclusion and integration of the IDPs into community life, giving them access to participation in the local programs, using the tools of local democracy and a number of other opportunities. Formation of the IDP initiative groups with their further formalization at the local level through the establishment of the IDP Advisory Council as a temporary advisory body to address issues related to the implementation of the state and local policies in the field of IDP protection, promoting their integration into the community, involving them in decision-making processes and supporting the host community during these processes.»

We suggest you watch the video recording of the press conference below to learn more about our Project on integration and support of the public activity of the IDP communities (video is in Ukrainian & Russian).