Work abroad, the loss of documents and imprisonment. The story of Oleksandr

Our next story is about a special category of beneficiaries. According to our monitors, the number of people who have been released from prisons (from those who regularly cross the EECPs) recently had a significant increase.

Many of these people do not have any documents, and even if they have some – those are already not valid. Without the documents the return to the usual, normal life is impossible.

The story of Oleksandr begins in the town of Khrustalny (the old name is Krasny Luch, now located in the Non-Government Controlled Area) in the Luhansk region, Ukraine.

In 1994, a man received the passport of a citizen of Ukraine. In 2012, Oleksandr went to work in Russia. One day, all his documents were stolen, including the passport. But the misfortune never comes alone... The man was sent to a penal colony in the town of Klintsy in the Bryansk region.

After being released from the colony in December 2020, the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation issued Oleksandr an identity card to return to Ukraine. Then he was deported from the Russian Federation.

The man was returned to Stanytsia Luhanska. He had no money or documents. The identity card given by the Russian authorities was valid only until January 21, 2021. Oleksandr was left alone – without a family, without home, without hope for the future…

Being in such a difficult situation, Oleksandr did not understand who to turn to for help.  Once, while walking through the city of Stanytsia Luhanska, he saw the announcement of the Right to Protection CF from which he learned that the fund provides free legal assistance in processing and renewing the documents.

Oleksandr turned to our specialists to obtain a new passport of a citizen of Ukraine. A lawyer from the Severodonetsk office of the R2P helped Oleksandr draw up and fill in the necessary documents, as he could not write fluently in Ukrainian.

At the Novoaydar National Police Department a dactyloscopic examination for an extended request for verification of a person at the State Migration Service was conducted. Then the identification of a person was done and a fee for the production of a passport was paid.

Thanks to the highly professional and efficient work of the Migration Service, particularly the head of the Novoaidar district department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, Oleksandr managed to register as a citizen of Ukraine without the court procedure.

As of today, it is known that the man has already married and is actively searching for a job.

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