Online meeting for the hromadas representatives on working with the «Social Hromada» system

12 березня 2021

On March 11, the Right to Protection CF organized an online meeting for the amalgamated territorial communities (hromadas) representatives on the practical aspects of working with the «Social Hromada» information system.

More than 100 hromadas representatives from Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions joined the video meeting.

During the event, the specialists from the amalgamated communities who have already started the implementation of the «Social Hromada» software had the opportunity to improve their skills in working with this information system. The participants of the online meeting received all the necessary information so that the further implementation of the software complex will be much easier for them.

The integrated information system «Social Hromada» is a software-based combination of the “front offices” that receive the documents and applications from the citizens (i.e. Administrative Services Centres) with the "back offices" – structural units of the Department of Social Protection of the district state administrations, where the decisions on the provision of services (including the social ones) are made.

Such a system makes it possible to transfer the received electronic copies of documents to the back office on the same day, which in turn significantly speeds up the process of the provision of administrative services. On March 1, all amalgamated communities started working with the «Social Hromada» system.

*video is in Ukrainian

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