A warm blanket and a heater for a man from Teple

3 листопада 2016

Maksym* is a former resident of Luhansk, a big beautiful city with numerous streets, squares, buildings, schools and hospitals … Having left his own house, his mother and himself found shelter in the village of Teple, Stanycho-Luhansk District, Luhansk Region. However, in the village having such a cosy name (Teple means “warm” in Ukrainian) the family experiences a great number of problems, the major of them being the impossibility to find a job for a forty-three-year-old man. The family had no money to buy firewood, so to warm the house, Maksym and his two companions went to the windbreaker to gather firewood. They had no idea that the windbreaker had been mined, as there were no signboards as to mining. As the result of a sudden explosion, one man was killed and two men got severe injuries. Maksym has a multifragmental fracture of the left leg. At present he is unable to move himself. And now winter is coming, and it is necessary to heat the old house. Only now Maksym needs considerably more warmth, as he spends almost all his time in bed. Staffers of Severodonetsk CF «Right to Protection» office transferred to the family a warm blanket and a heater, sincerely hoping that in the condition of warmth Maksym will get better quite soon and before long he will be able to walk again.