Presentation for those who want to to learn the barber’s profession

28 березня 2019

On March 27, the Charitable Fund "Right to Protection" (R2P) hosted a meeting for those who want to learn barber's profession. During the presentation representatives of the hairdressing network “Chop-Chop Ukraine” inspired the audience to conquer new heights. At the present, the network has 9 salons, which employ over 100 people – skilled specialists and masters of their job. They support the 300-year old tradition of classical haircut, beard care and royal shaving. Sam Barekzai, a former refugee from Afghanistan, was forced to seek asylum in Ukraine. For a long time, he accepted any job. He always dreamed about owning his own barbershop network. And four years ago, his dream came true – he opened the "Borodach Barbershop". Today Sam is a socially responsible employer and philanthropist, as well as owner of the “Chop-Chop Ukraine” Premium Barber Shop, which he bought a year ago. Barekzai’s speech concerned the classification of human needs, motivation and expression. He not only shared the story of his own success (how he developed and implemented a unique system of motivation for personnel and professional development in the company), but also offered interested individuals the opportunity to join his team in the future. He paid special attention to the peculiarities of the work, expectations and realities. Valeria Michalko, R2P business development specialist commented: “70% of the candidates who came to the presentation immediately signed up for an interview and will soon take advantage of the opportunity for free training and the acquisition of a new promising profession as a barber. The motivational system and career opportunities in the “Chop Chop” barbershop network are unique and demonstrate the high level of loyalty, social responsibility, professionalism and openness to decent, hard-working employees.” “It will not be easy,” as one of the network experts noted, but it is a very real possibility to provide a decent standard of living for themselves and their loved ones thanks to an interesting profession”. Svitlana Butenko, R2P lawyer said: “The network representatives spoke not only about the specifics of the profession, but also about self-realization and self-improvement within the company's walls. After one year, barbers make a comfortable salary, and after 3 years of fruitful work – partnership and the opening of their own barbershops within the network. The most important thing is that the company provides training to vulnerable groups of the population for free”. R2P does everything possible for its beneficiaries to get a chance to change their lives for the better.