"Journalist's Identity: Balance Between Life and Work." – psychological training for media workers

On August 30, a training for media workers took place in Kyiv titled "Journalist's Identity: Balance Between Life and Work."

Fourteen representatives of leading Ukrainian media attended the training. Participants discussed signs of burnout, prevention methods, and techniques to improve well-being. Also, our psychologists, Kateryna Tyshchenko and Volodymyr Pankov, debated the ethical communication rules when covering sensitive topics with the attendees.

Kateryna Tyshchenko, MHPSS psychologist with  "Right to Protection"

Once again, I was convinced that media during wartime is a huge contribution to the battle in the information space. And those people who take on the coverage of complex topics and events every day are also, in a way, superheroes who provide Ukrainians with information, knowledge, and understanding that we are not alone.

We are grateful to journalists for their time and interest in mental health.

«Support was provided within the framework of the project "Protecting lives with Integrated Multi-sector Assistance (UPC-PRIMA)" from the "Right to Protection" Charitable Foundation as a partner of the Ukraine Protection Consortium coordinated by Save the Children and with the financial support of the USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)»