R2P organized an international conference, "Ukrainian Approaches to a Just and Lasting Peace."

There will be no peace without justice! These words were the conference's slogan."Ukrainian Approaches to a Just and Lasting Peace" was organized by the CF Right to Protection (R2P) in partnership with the Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners and supported by the United States Institute of Peace. The conference took place in Kyiv at the end of July.

The event brought together representatives of Ukrainian civil society as well as members of international organizations working in the field of peacebuilding. About 150 participants from Ukraine, the United States, Norway, Canada, Germany, and other countries joined the conference online and offline. 

The topic's relevance is that most peacebuilding approaches originated in the context of civil wars, implementing systemsof compromise, power-sharing, and transitional justice measures. However, these approaches are not applicable in an interstate conflict of aggression. Thus, there is a need to rethink established paradigms and ideas.

The panel discussions focused on working with Ukrainian IDPs in the EU, unity in communities, including in the liberated territories, and strengthening social cohesion and unity through art and media. The speakers focused on the principles of flexibility in conflict management and working with severe psychological conditions during and after the war.

Natalia Proskurenko, coordinator of the Strengthening social cohesion and understanding in Ukraine program at R2P

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to gather and organize colleagues involved in peacebuilding in Ukraine in one space. The quality of peace in Ukrainian society for years to come will depend on how effectively Ukraine can restore and strengthen the "social fabric" of relations between people and the state, integrate IDPs and war veterans, reintegrate people living in the de-occupied territories and those displaced abroad.

Participants presented the results of peacebuilding projects and initiatives implemented at different levels and explored opportunities for cooperation to improve joint outcomes.

R2P is sincerely grateful to all the conference participants for their activity, interest, and sincere desire to look for new ideas and approaches to implement sustainable and just peace in Ukraine!