To leave your home country because of your political views. The Story of Natalia, a Refugee from Belarus

What will you do if you suddenly become a foreigner in your home country and start receiving violent threats because of your political views? The only logical step in such a situation is to run away. And this is exactly what Natalia, a refugee from Belarus did (ed.note - name changed due to safety concerns). The woman arrived in Ukraine in August 2020 due to political pressure from the Belarusian authorities. She was forced to do so.

The salvation for her was obtaining refugee status in Ukraine. The woman turned to the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P) for help, where she received essential legal aid.

The lawyers of the organization helped Natalia to fill in all the necessary documents and submit them to the State Migration Service for consideration.

Finally, Ms. Natalia's application was approved and the SMSU decided to recognize her as a refugee in Ukraine.

This was a difficult path and lots of hard work, but together with Ms. Natalia, we were able to make it real.