Peculiarities of Ukrainian standard of civilian population protection were discussed in Khmelnytskyi

International standards for the protection of civilians, its adaptation to Ukrainian realities and the peculiarities of the Ukrainian protection standard were discussed at the educational training for officials, civil servants, employees of the State Emergency Service and social services in Khmelnytskyi by our professional trainers and consultants Maryna Turenok and Yulia Kostyuchenko.

"These are specialized modules for representatives of the authorities and services that respond to emergencies. During these two days, we built a clear plan of action and response to emergencies: with whom they should communicate, whom to involve in such cases, how to organize the process. All hromadas, without exception, at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, faced problems when they did not know whom to involve in resolving the situation. There should be joint activities of different services in solving such issues," said Yulia Kostiuchenko, civil protection consultant at the Right to Protection CF, trainer and volunteer with 9 years of experience.

Yulia also shared real cases when it was necessary to provide assistance to affected civilians. At the training, the case of rescuing a girl from Mariupol who lost all her relatives was worked out in detail. The military and volunteers managed to take her from the occupied territory to a safe hromada.

💬"We have analyzed in detail how we can help this child, who to involve, what help to provide in the first place. In such cases, it is really necessary to involve medical specialists who conduct examinations, psychologists, police, because it is necessary to find the next of kin who could establish guardianship. These are difficult but real stories of people who need help from the community," said Yulia.

The trainings were held within the framework of the project "Preparedness and Stabilization in Central and Western Ukraine" implemented by the Right to Protection CF together with the NGO ACTED Ukraine and the IMPACT initiative and funded by the UK from the British people.

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