Assistance to Stateless Persons

A stateless person is a person who is not considered a citizen by any state by its law (The Law of Ukraine, On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons).

The majority of stateless persons have lived in Ukraine for a long time without documents confirming their citizenship of any state. They can not obtain them due to the lack of legal connection with their country of origin and country of long-term residence. 

Categories of people who most often face statelessness:

  • citizens of the former Soviet Union who did not exchange their passports after the collapse of the USSR; 
  • foreigners who have lost the citizenship of their country of origin; 
  • homeless persons; 
  • persons serving a sentence; 
  • Roma, persons whose birth was not registered in time by the competent authorities;
  • persons who, for reasons beyond their control, cannot restore the passport of a citizen of Ukraine or another state.

R2P provides stateless persons with free legal support to confirm their citizenship of Ukraine/another country or acquire citizenship and obtain a passport.

Our experts help stateless persons at the following offices:

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