Right to Health: Medical support for Residents of Chernihivska and Sumska oblasts

February 2, 2024

Right to Protection has implemented a pilot project of the Medical Examination and Treatment Assistance Programme involving 60 Chernihivska and Sumska oblasts residents. The programme provides support in the field of healthcare, namely 

  • free consultations with narrow specialists;
  • instrumental and laboratory tests;
  • provision of necessary medicines;
  • transportation of residents of remote hromadas to medical facilities.

The participants are people from vulnerable groups who have suffered from the war or have limited access to medical services.

One of the programme's participants is Mariia, a pensioner living in the village of Kyrykivka, Sumska oblast. During the full-scale war, her family doctor suspected that she had cancer. For some time, she postponed a complete medical examination because she was afraid to hear a disappointing diagnosis. However, thanks to R2P's help, she decided to undergo the examination and was relieved: the cancer was not confirmed. Now that the woman's condition is satisfactory, she is getting the necessary treatment.

R2P's team also identified several people who needed surgical interventions. The Foundation's specialists referred them to state medical institutions, where they were successfully operated. Now they are at home, recovering and expressing great gratitude.

"Our people are amazing. They show extraordinary resilience and strength, overcome the challenges of war, and support other disadvantaged people. However, when it comes to their health, unfortunately, they often put it off for later due to lack of money, information about which doctor to see, and where to get a proper diagnosis. People from remote hromadas have the most difficulty. To get to a specialist, they must get to an oblast or raion centre, frequently with numerous transfers. Some settlements are not covered by public transport routes at all. Another problem is that if the transport problem is resolved, it takes one day to plan the diagnostics and consultations and determine which doctor to see. That is why this programme is not only about cash support but also about access to healthcare for rural residents. We believe the 60 people we have helped with medical examinations and treatment is an important start. And that thanks to the assistance of our partners, we will be able to support the health of more people," said Nadiya Kovalchuk, programme director of R2P.

High-quality medical examination and treatment under the programme was made possible thanks to the cooperation of R2P and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.

Consultations and medicines are provided based on partner clinics and pharmacies located in regional centres. Right to Protection does not make diagnoses or provide consultations on health issues. The responsibility for prescribing medicines lies with the medical institutions with the appropriate license.