The First Offline Workshop for Ukrainians in Warsaw

November 9, 2023

In October, R2P's office in Warsaw held its first offline event for Ukrainian refugees in Poland: a practical workshop, Starting a Business in Poland: Legal Advice and Psychological Readiness. It aimed to help Ukrainians who plan to start their business in the country.

The workshop covered a wide range of topics:

  • Legal aspects of starting a business in Poland, such as basic rules and requirements related to registration and financial reporting.
  • Tax system. Obligations for business and an example of the process of registering a company.
  • Psychological readiness. Challenges that entrepreneurs may face and valuable tips for maintaining mental stability.

Right to Protection Poland's experts, Sviatoslawa Nikorowicz-Mendel, Senior Associate, and Olha Zolotar, Senior Psychologist, were the speakers at the event.

Participants' questions and feedback significantly contributed to understanding the direction of the Foundation's future work and preparing the following topics for the meetings.

In November, Right to Protection Poland will hold even more offline events on various topics, including psychological support workshops for women and children.