Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

When times are dark, you must keep the light inside you. We know how, even if you have experienced the worst.

R2P's Mental Health Care Service is a programme providing free psychological assistance to IDPs and the war-affected population in Ukraine.

Online and in-person, we:

  • provide individual crisis counselling and support groups;
  • deliver psychological support to residents of shelters and collective centres of IDPs, the war-affected population, etc.;
  • bolster the capacity of social and administrative services in communities.

How do I sign up for a personal consultation?

Fill out the form here:

Online form for signing up for a personal consultation

By phone:

☎️ (093) 700 22 20

Appointment for a consultation by phone is available from Monday to Friday ⏰ from 9.00 to 18.00

After scheduling a consultation, a specialist will contact you within a few business days to arrange the work start.

The psychologists of R2P can work systematically (5–6 meetings), conduct crisis interventions, and provide individual information sessions (30 minutes).

Our psychologists often work with such topics:

  • loss of home or forced evacuation from the hometown;
  • loss of a loved one;
  • anxiety about loved ones at the frontline;
  • emotional exhaustion from helping others (volunteers, social workers, doctors, teachers, etc.);
  • anxiety, apathy, deterioration of mood and physical condition;
  • sleep disturbances, aggression, panic attacks, fears;
  • confusion in raising children or misunderstandings in the family;
  • other traumatic events.

You can get psychological support:

  • online from anywhere in Ukraine;
  • in-person in the cities where psychologists of R2P work:

Personal meetings are available by appointment in the following cities:

A personal consultation with a psychologist is held upon prior appointment!

The map shows achievements of a programme in 2023. Click "Choose region" and "All regions" for general information or click on the area for details.

A personal consultation with a psychologist is held upon prior appointment!

How do I sign up for a group consultation?

Supportive online group for parents raising children during the war

We invite those who:

  • faces difficulties in their relationships with children during the war and/or during resettlement (internally or abroad);
  • wants to help themselves and their child cope with intense feelings (anger, sadness, despair, hopelessness, etc.);
  • needs support in a safe circle of other parents;
  • is looking for information and practical advice on support and education.

Forms of work: mini-lectures, questions and answers, discussions, practical exercises.

Every Thursday, 17:00–18:30. The group is an open format. After registration, you will receive all the detailed information.

Up to 15 participants. You can come to one meeting or attend every week.

Confidential, free of charge. For Ukrainians living anywhere.

Moderator: Kateryna Tyshchenko, practical psychologist and the leader of support groups at R2P.

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We run groups for adults, children, military families and art therapy. Please find out more about our current groups on our social media.

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