R2P opens a Polish representative office in Warsaw

September 1, 2023

R2P expands its activities and opens a Polish representative office in Warsaw. Ukrainians who found shelter in Poland as a result of the war will be able to receive free professional support in particular psychological and legal assistance. Also, R2P will advocate for the rights of Ukrainians who have temporary protection in Poland.

Ivanna Herus, Country Director of R2P in Poland

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Poland became the country that took in the largest number of Ukrainians. Thanks to the help and care of the government, charitable and international organizations, volunteers, and the entire Polish people, Ukrainian displaced persons found shelter here. However, many of these people still need help. Thanks to our partner HIAS, we will now be there, ready to support Ukrainians here in Poland as well.

What help can Ukrainians in Poland receive from our specialists?

The office of the R2P opens in Warsaw. Free legal consultations will be provided there later. Free online and face-to-face psychological consultations are already available for Ukrainians. They will be provided by qualified psychologists who have experience working with internally displaced persons and the people affected by military actions.

Olha Zolotar, senior MHPSS specialist of the R2P in Poland

Our psychologists have been working with the context of war since the beginning of a full-scale invasion. They understand what those who left their native home are going through, who miss their relatives, home, and security. We start working here because we know that Ukrainians who are far from home need the support of those who will understand them.

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