The Protection of IDPs' Rights: Challenges and Horizons Legal Forum Held in Kyiv

December 11, 2023

We held a large-scale legal forum, Protection of IDPs' Rights: Challenges and Horizons, which brought together colleagues from the Legal Aid and Advocacy programmes of R2P.

Oleksandr Galkin, President of the Foundation, welcomed a large team of lawyers, advocates, and advocacy specialists and stressed that the Foundation started its activities as a human rights organisation. Oleksandra Makovska, Deputy Protection Cluster Coordinator, and Lidiia Kuzmenko, Legal Adviser at UNHCR Ukraine, spoke about the role of legal aid in the humanitarian response. Olha Altunina, a representative of the Commissioner for the Rights of Citizens Affected by the Armed Aggression against Ukraine, also attended the forum and answered questions from lawyers in the field.

Vitalii Chornenkyi, Head of the Legal Aid programme of R2P, noted that such a two-day forum is a unique platform for discussing urgent problems and strategies for protecting the rights of IDPs:

Vitalii Chornenkyi, Head of the Legal Aid Program

The event aims to discuss the challenges IDPs face and identify prospects for the development of legal support, contributing to building a fairer and safer society for internally displaced persons.

Judicial protection of IDPs' rights was debated during the first panel discussion, which was attended by Oksana Hryshchuk, Judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Albert Yezerov, Judge of the Administrative Cassation Court within the Supreme Court, Dmytro Hudyma and Serhii Martiev, Judges of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court. During the second panel discussion, the participants debated the top topics in the legal protection of IDPs that are relevant in 2023.

Anna Kubanova, a lawyer on GBV at R2P, spoke about cases of gender-based violence: how to identify and work with beneficiaries, and Maryna Us, Head of Child Protection Advocacy at R2P, raised the topic of protecting children's rights in the context of reforming the institutional care system and in the perspective of post-war recovery. 

The Legal Forum on the Protection of IDPs' Rights: Challenges and Horizons was supported by UNHCR Ukraine.