A Free Psychologist in Touch Book from R2P’s Experts

October 25, 2023

The Psychologist in Touch book contains educational, practical, and therapeutic texts about life, stress resistance, and human recovery during the war.

Crisis psychologists and psychotherapists of R2P's Mental Health Care Service, Anna Mohylnyk and Maria Yatsukhnenko, created it based on their vast experience in the topic. 

The book consists of 4 sections. The reader will go from learning about mental states and processes to moving through recovery and relationships with others and the world and finding resources and practical self-help techniques.

The publication will become a self-help guide for those with limited access to psychological support and will be practical for a wide range of readers interested in mental health. People can download the book for free on the R2P website.

Book and TG “Psychologist in touch” channel is functioning within the “Right to Protection” Charitable Foundation project "Addressing the immediate multi-sectoral humanitarian needs of IDPs and conflict-affected populations inside Ukraine" as a partner of the Ukraine Response Consortium. Program undertaken with the financial support of the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance USAID (BHA)».

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