How to Get Cash Assistance from UNHCR: Official Information

August 26, 2022

Not only vulnerable internally displaced persons can apply, but also the war-affected population in specific regions and those who have returned to their permanent residence (including those from abroad).

R2P is an official partner of the agency in collecting data for cash assistance.

Cash Assistance

The assistance is based on the amount of the minimum consumer basket, which amounts to UAH 3,600 per person and covers 3 months.

  • Households registered from 1 to 30 September 2023 will receive an allowance of UAH 2,220 for each household member for 3 months and additional assistance for winterisation (UAH 2,220 for each household member for 3 months).
  • Households registered from 1 October until the end of 2023 will receive an allowance of UAH 3,600 for each household member for 3 months and additional assistance for winterisation (UAH 2,220 for each household member for 3 months).
  • Households headed by an older person (55 years and older) registered in the programme before 1 September 2023 will receive assistance to prepare for the winter period (UAH 2,220 for each household member for 3 months).
"Can I apply for cash assistance from UNHCR?" self-assessment questionnaire 

So, you can apply for cash assistance if your family:

✔️ has not previously received assistance from international organisations;

✔️ has an income of less than 5,400 UAH per person;

✔️ belongs to the following categories and has at least one of the vulnerability criteria❗️ (listed below):

1) IDPs who have been displaced after 24.02.22 and have vulnerabilities from the List below;

2) persons who have NOT been displaced after 24.02.2022 but have been affected by the war in the following regions: Dnipro, Poltava, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Kirovohrad, Cherkasy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Kherson; and have vulnerabilities from the List below;

3) people who have RETURNED to their places of permanent residence after being forced to move to another region/country due to the war as of 24 February 2022 and have vulnerabilities from the List below;

✅ families with only one parent (either a father or a mother) with one or more children under the age of 18 or with older persons (55 years and older);

✅ families headed by one single/several single older persons (55 years and older) or an older person with one or more children under the age of 18;

✅ families with one or more persons with special needs. Namely, those with disabilities and chronic diseases. The List is not limited to these criteria of special needs;

✅ foster families who care for unaccompanied children and children separated from their parents (documentary evidence is required).


📢 An interactive map will show the addresses of data collection points in your region. You can track the schedule of mobile groups' movement in the area, as well as other relevant information, in the regional telegram channel 👇🏻

Click on the area you are interested in to find the addresses of R2P’s offices.

The map shows achievements of a programme in 2023. Click "Choose region" and "All regions" for general information or click on the area for details.


All family members must be present for data collection.
For families with members with limited mobility who are unable to come to the registration point, registration with original documents is allowed (subject to the provision of a medical certificate confirming their health status).

The household is limited to the following members for inclusion in the cash assistance:

  • head of household*;
  • spouse;
  • his/her children (under 23 years of age);
  • his/her parents.

*his/her grandparents, only if they are dependent on them. Otherwise, they must be registered separately.

Other persons not on the List must be members of another household, even if they live together.

List of required documents:

🔹 full name according to the identity document;

🔹 place and date of birth, phone number (to which you will receive an SMS about the receipt of funds!);

🔹 tax number (required for the payment of benefits);

🔹 birth certificates of children (if available);

🔹 bank card number (needed for the payment of the allowance), "ePidtrymka" cards are not suitable;

🔹 any documents confirming that you belong to a vulnerable category (certificates, extracts, etc.).

Warning: We do not need your CVV code (the three-digit code on your bank card). Foundation staff should refrain from asking for it.

All information you provide during registration is confidential and will be entered into the UNHCR database. By submitting your data, you consent to its transfer to the financial service provider to receive cash assistance.


The entire amount for 3 months will be transferred to the head of the household (identified at the time of registration for assistance) in one of the following ways:

1) By transferring to a bank account through the Rapyd financial institution   

You will receive the following SMS message about the transfer:

"You have received a transfer from UNHCR in the amount of XXXX UAH. For more information, please visit or call the hotline at 0 800 307 711".

ATTENTION: UNHCR and R2P are not affiliated with any bank and have no partner banks in Ukraine. YOU CAN RECEIVE UNHCR CASH ASSISTANCE THROUGH ANY BANK IN UKRAINE, provided that the bank card number you gave during registration is in UAH and belongs to the principal applicant from your family. Ensure that your bank card has no restrictions on certain types of transfers. For those who do not have a bank card, UNHCR will assist in other ways.

2) Through Western Union

For those families who do not have a bank account. You will receive an SMS message with a bank transfer code (MTCN code), which, together with an identity document (passport, ID card, or other government document), must be brought with you to receive financial assistance at any Western Union branch. The addresses of Western Union branches are available here. 

You can also receive a transfer from Western Union at any branch of the following banks:

  • PrivatBank 
  • A-bank (Accent Bank) 
  • Nova Poshta 
  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval 
  • Oschadbank 
  • Ukrposhta 
  • Ukrgasbank 
  • Ukrainian financial group 
  • Other banks 
  • Iboxbank (Ibox Bank) 
  • Asvio Bank 
  • Bank Alliance 
  • Bank Vostok 
  • Bank Globus 
  • Bank Grant 
  • Bank Zemelny Capital 
  • Bank for Investments and Savings 
  • Bank Lviv 
  • Bank Pivdenny 
  • Bank Sich 
  • Bank Ukrainian Capital 
  • Forward Bank 
  • RwS Bank 
  • Idea Bank 
  • Industrial Bank 
  • ComInBank (Commercial Industrial Bank) 
  • Cominvestbank 
  • Profinef (Ukrainian Financial Group) 
  • Concord Bank 
  • Bank Credit Dnipro 
  • Kredobank 
  • CrystalBank 
  • Megabank 
  • MetaBank 
  • International investment bank 
  • Motor Bank 
  • MTB Bank 
  • Oxi Bank 
  • OTP Bank 
  • Pinbank First Investment Bank 
  • Piraeus Bank 
  • Polikombank 
  • Poltava Bank 
  • Pravex Bank 
  • RadaBank 
  • TAScomBank 
  • Bank ащк Investments and Savings 
  • Ukreximbank 
  • Unex Bank 
  • Universal Bank 
  • Credit Invest Bank 
  • EIB - European Industrial Bank 
  • FUIB (First Ukrainian International Bank)

3) Via the mobile application and money transfer system

You will receive an SMS message with the following text: "You can receive cash assistance from UNHCR. Register with Vibrant within 7 days to receive your funds [link]. If you have any questions, call the UNHCR hotline at 0800-307-711 or Vibrant support service at 0800-301-009".

You must download the Vibrant app to receive cash aid from UNHCR in your digital wallet. Create an account in Vibrant using the phone number, month and year of birth you used to register for service. Once your details are verified, you will receive a notification in the app, and the money will be transferred to your wallet.

You can receive your funds via the MoneyGram money transfer system in cash or by crediting your bank account (we recommend checking with your bank to see if it supports this service). Follow the in-app prompts, fill out a withdrawal request and receive a transfer code. Visit any MoneyGram partner branch to receive cash assistance. Find the MoneyGram branch nearest to you here. Call the MoneyGram branch in advance to make sure they are available. At the MoneyGram branch, tell the advisor that this is a cash withdrawal transaction. Remember to bring a document proving your identity (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, international passport, ID) and the MoneyGram transfer code.

If you have any questions or encounter problems using the application, you can check out the FAQ page.

Vibrant provides live chat, phone, and email support. Please email [email protected] or call 0 800 301 009. To contact an agent via chat, press ? in the Vibrant app.

If you have any questions about receiving cash or MoneyGram, please get in touch with MoneyGram customer support directly:

Email [email protected] 

Toll-free phone numbers in Ukraine:

  • (380) 800503273
  • (380) 13476961234
  • (380) 13476961234  


📞 UNHCR hotline: 0 800 307 711 (Mon-Fri 09:00–18:00)

📩 Email: [email protected]

Telegram channel of R2P with the necessary information, where you can also ask questions:

Cash Assistance for IDPs from UNHCR

You can find out about the current work schedule of the point or the arrival of a mobile group in your locality in the regional telegram channel. Click on your region on the interactive map to find out more about the available cash assistance programmes in your area:

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